FIFA 22 – Nacho Fernandez Vs Zinchenko Showdown | Which SBC to do ?

This guide will help you understand which Showdown SBC  to pick between Nacho Fernandez from Real Madrid and Oleksandr Zinchenko from Manchester City.

FIFA 22 – Nacho Fernandez Vs Zinchenko Showdown | Which SBC to do?

EA has dropped yet another Showdown SBC and this time it’s going to be for the Real Madrid Vs Manchester City match in the UEFA Champions League. The match would be super intense and I am super excited.

For the ones who do not know the concept of showdown SBCs. There will be one player representing their teams. Both SBCs are eligible for future upgrades. A +2 if their team wins or a +1 if the match ends in a draw.

Both the cards look good on paper and could be difficult if we are given a choice to pick one. Well, I am here to make things easier for you and will help you reach a conclusion.

Which Showdown SBC to Choose?

Manchester City travel to Santiago Bernabeu in 3 days for the 2nd leg of the UEFA Champions League Semi Final against Real Madrid. They are leading 4 goals to 3 in aggregate at the moment.

A lot of users would be doing the card who they feel would end up getting the upgrade. So if you are wondering who could get the upgrade I would choose Zinchenko. The only reason for this is Man City is going in for the 2nd leg with a 1 goal lead.

However, we have seen Madrid do amazing comebacks countless times. Talk about the game against PSG where Benzema would actually score a hat trick to get Madrid through to the next round. And let me tell you this PSG is no joke. This team literally beat Man City 2-0 back in the group stage. Although they were beaten 2-1 after that in the 2nd game.

Benzema is in the form of his life and Real Madrid is leading La Liga as well. So is Manchester City. Both teams are doing equally well in their leagues. But still, if you would ask me to pick a team I might edge it over Manchester City.

It will be a tough game and Madrid could again get a comeback but with the way Man City is playing at the moment, I certainly do not think it will be as easy as last time for Madrid.

However, if you are actually talking about the individual cards, I suppose Zinchenko does not look as good as Nacho. I mean there are so many Premier League full-backs who are better. He is still a green link to Ruben Diaz though. If in case you cannot afford Cancelo TOTY and you have or want to buy TOTY Diaz, then this card could be a good move for you.

If you are talking statistically about which card could be more effective in the game, I would go for Nacho. If he gets upgraded, his card would be insanely good. But I do not see that happening hence Zinchenko would be a more obvious choice.

I hope the guide was helpful. Please let us know in the comments section down below. Also, keep following FPS Index for more FIFA 22 related content. and guide.

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