FIFA 22 – Post Patch Best COUNTER ATTACKING Custom Tactics

In this guide we will discuss about the best custom tactics for Counter Attack in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team

FIFA 22 – Post Patch Best COUNTER ATTACKING Custom Tactics

I have tried a lot of formations this year but the best one for quick counter attacks would be none other than the 4-2-3-1. The reason being the 4-2-3-1 is very strong defensively. It seems like a lot of people do not understand what counter attacking exactly is. You will find plenty of videos where streamers would probably use formation like 4-3-3(4) or any other attacking formation. Then they would give you a tactic with high depth calling it counter attacking setup. Trust me when I tell you this. This is not true.

Counter Attacking in football is basically a fast transitional attack only a few passes. It is basically exploiting an offensive blunder from your opponent and taking the ball across the pitch as fast as possible before the other team could recover defensively. Thus making it easier for you to score with less people on defense.

For this to happen you cannot use a formation which is good for pressing like the 4-3-3(4) or 4-4-2. You need to use a formation with defensive midfielders and make sure than the opponent advances towards your box so that you can easily counter them when they make a mistake. The 4-2-3-1 works perfectly for counter attacks. With my set of custom tactics you will see how brilliantly the team would move up the pitch for a counter attack.

Note : Counter Attacking does not mean parking the bus. That is one form of playstyle which I personally dislike and will never ever recommend doing . 

Custom Tactics for Counter Attack :

Use this exact custom tactics with the 4-2-3-1 for counter attacking football

  • Balanced is the go to defensive style for Counter Attacking.
  • The width would be good at 45 
  • A depth of 35-40 would work fine. Until and unless you let the opposition players into your half and near your box, you will not be able to counter them.
  • Fast Build Up is the best for Counter Attacks. It works better than Long Ball for quick counters. Forward Runs would only make your striker run offside or out of range . Therefore Balanced would work perfectly.
  • Players In Box should be at 3. Again we are countering the opponent and not trying to get countered. If you use more players in the box you CDMs would move up the pitch even with Stay Back instruction and leave you open for counter.
  • Corners and Free Kicks art 2 or 1 depending on what you want.

Player Instructions for Counter Attack :

Use these player instruction to ensure your team works exactly like they would in a counter attacking situation.

  • Back 4 on Stay Back While Attacking
  • One CDM on Stay Back While Attacking and Cover Center (Players like Kante). Another CDM with good pace and offense would be on Get Forward (Players like Llorente) .
  • RAM, LAM and CAM all on Come Back on Defense. RAM and LAM on Drift Wide and Get Into the Box For Cross .CAM on Stick to Position. Width is very important in Counter Attacking football. The moment the RAM and the LAM drifts wide the opposition full back will move out to mark them. This is where the CAM and Striker could exploit the space in the center. If you feel Drift Wide is not working for you feel free to have them on Balanced width .
  • Striker should be on Get in Behind only

The most annoying type of FIFA players are the ones who always have their back to your goal and keep passing the ball until you pull out a defender. They would literally keep passing the entire game doesn’t matter if they need to score or not but they just wont play on risky ball forward. This custom tactics is exactly what you would want to use against these type of players. Players who keep passing around your penalty box and who keeps the pressure on. This tactic would be a nightmare for them.

I hope this guide was helpful. Currently using these tactics in Elite Division and it is working well. Do let us know in the comment section down below.

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  1. Brilliant exactly what I’m looking for. I feel this suits my style of play perfectly as I’m not a very skilful player so I like to be solid in defense then burst forward on the counter soon as my opponent messes up. Are you on YouTube?

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