FIFA 22 – Post Patch LIVERPOOL Custom Tactics Klopps’s 433 vs Man Utd | FUT Formation Guide

Do you want to play exactly like Liverpool in Ultimate Team? Well, I have just the perfect tactics for you to play exactly like Klopp’s Liverpool at the moment.

FIFA 22 – Post Patch LIVERPOOL Custom Tactics Klopps’s 433 vs Man Utd | FUT Formation Guide

Liverpool is known for their fast attacking style of pressing football. Klopp is a genius when it comes to the gameplan. We remember how they shattered Barca’s dreams and now we would remember how they dominated Manchester United for an easy and well-deserved 5-0 victory. I will hence try to re-create the tactics that they were using for that match and also what they use in general.

The formation I found perfect for re-creating Klopp’s 4-3-3 would be the 4-3-3(holding) also known as the 4-3-3 (2) in Ultimate team.

Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool Custom Tactics :

Klopp generally plays a 4-3-3 in-game with super fast movement, especially in the wings. The main objective for this formation would be to stretch out the offense and release the wingers for almost free runs down the flanks. After the patch the finesse shots are pretty much useless therefore we have to depend on a lot of player movement and passing. Sure we can try doing skill runs but even that would not be as effective as last year.

For players like me who play on very average connection, we rely on proper movement to make things happen. This is how I had set up the tactics to replicate how Liverpool plays in real life :

  • The defensive Style would be Press After Possession Loss since Liverpool is known for putting pressure on the opposition to win back the ball quickly. If you are bad at defending try Balanced.
  • The width should be 30 since a narrow formation is best for pressing.
  • Depth should be 77 or more if you like. We are going full pressure mode here exactly how Liverpool plays.
  • Build Up Play should be Balanced. Since this gives us a bit of everything. We do not want plays to run forward like mad men nor do we want them to sit back and wait for Christmas until they make a run.
  • Chance Creation would be Forward Runs. This is because we are going to play the wingers a lot. We want them to make those runs. We want our CMs to make those runs into the box as well.
  • The width should be 82 since we need to stretch out the play. This will stretch out the opponent’s defense as well. This will create more space for which our players will make even more runs because of the forward runs tactic.
  • Players in the Box should be 7 since we want players to run into the box and put pressure on the defense.
  • Corner and Free Kicks should be 2 each

Player Instructions for Liverpool’s Custom Tactics :

Use these instructions exactly the way I show you :

  • Both CBs on Stay Back While Attacking
  • LB and RB on Join Attack and Overlap
  • CDM on Drop Between Defenders and Cover Center. This will stretch out your CBs a bit making it easier for them to stop the wingers
  • Offensive CM should be on Get Forward and Get Into the Box for Cross. You can use CAMs here as well.
  • Defensive CM will be Balanced and Stay on the Edge of the Box for Cross
  • LW and RW would be on Cut Inside and Get In Behind
  • ST should be on Stay Central and False 9

How to Play like Klopp’s Liverpool :

Like I said before, Liverpool is known for their fast-paced pressure football. They make the best use of the wings with two of the best wingers in the world at the moment – Salah and Mane. Make sure you have a Left Footed player on the RW and a Right Footed player on the LW. Try to look for their runs and with the tactics, I showed you they would do that a lot. You can easily lob the ball to them and then get a free run in the box for an easy cutback pass leading to an instant goal.  Also, look for the runs the fullbacks would make from time to time. The moment you cut inside with a winger the full-back would be making a run to stretch out the play even more.

Do not be afraid to use the Press After Possession Loss tactic. However, if you are really bad at pressing then stick with Balanced. You might get countered using these tactics so be careful about playing too many risky passes. I would not suggest this from minute 1 . Maybe you can try this when you go a goal down. If you are good enough defensively then you can play this throughout the 90 mins.

I am currently in Elite Division and this formation is working quite well for me. Give it a try. We are not getting relegated this year so why not try it? I hope this guide was helpful. Do let us know in the comment section below.

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