FIFA 22 – Secret to Score Green Timed Shots Everytime with this trick | Best method

Are you fed up of practicing Timed Finishing and cannot get it right? Well, we have just the right guide for you. I will teach you a simple trick that will make you green time every single shot

FIFA 22 – Secret to Score Green Timed Shots every time with this trick | Best method

Timed Finishing was introduced 2 years back and it had been one of the most difficult things to master since then. Timed finishing is basically timing your shot perfectly to get a boosted shot which increases your chances of scoring. However, EA has gone very lenient with the timed finishing window this year making it a lot easier to get a perfectly timed shot.

You need to have the timed finishing option On for those who do not know.

Go to Customize>>Settings>>Customize Controls>>Timed Finishing : ON

Once you have this option turned on you could perform timed shots in the game.

How to do Timed Shots?

It is very simple to know how to do timed shots in FIFA. You just need to press the shoot button to load up the power bar and then press the shoot button again to perform a timed shot. However, it is easier said than done. The window for you to get a perfectly timed finish is really low. A perfectly timed shot would be indicated by the color green. Grey is the same as a regular shot and happens when you time it a bit late. Yellow and red are weak shots with red being the weakest. You get these when you time your shots too early

How to get Perfect Timed Shots every time with Regular Shots?

You will get a lot of tutorials on Youtube about timed finishing. Trust none of them would actually help you. It is like asking you to draw an owl – “First draw a circle for the head, now draw the entire Owl”. It doesn’t really work that way. I am not saying that they tell you the wrong thing. They don’t but that is not the trick that would help you make those green shots.

They would tell you to wait for the animation of the player. After you load up the power bar you need to check the animation of the kicker and then exactly when he is lifting his leg up and about to shoot the ball you press the shoot button again.

Now tell me, you are in a crowded penalty box. You have defenders around you, the angle your player is at makes it so difficult to see his shooting foot. How on earth are you supposed to look at his feet and time the shot exactly when he is about to kick? You cannot do that, I am sorry to tell you that but it is just not possible to check out the animation every time. It is not like my player is shooting in slow motion or something.

So how do you get the timing right? Well, it is a lot about muscle memory, to be honest. Sadly, the YouTubers would not tell you that. The reason is simply that it would not be a proper tutorial if they did.  If you look at the animation and shoot it is not your muscle memory working. It is basically your reflexes. The window is so short that it becomes extremely difficult to master the timed finishing by just looking at the animation.

This is what I feel works the best. When I tried this technique, it worked wonders for me as I would be green timing almost 80-90% of my shots. This is what you need to do :

How to do Timed Shots with Finesse Shots?

Getting the timing right with Finesse shots is the easiest. You have to basically use the same technique that you used for regular shots. Just load up the shot bar and press the shoot button after the power is loaded. You do not have to hold the finesse button for the second time.

You can clearly see in the video that I timed the shot perfectly by just pressing the shoot button after the power was loaded up. Basically, you do not wait after you load up the power bar,  you just shoot immediately.

How to do Green Timed Shots on Volleys?

Getting a green-timed shot is perhaps the easiest on volleys. You get plenty of time to see and shoot. Yes, for this time of shots you can actually check the animation.

  • Press the shoot button to load up the power bar while the ball is in the air.
  • Wait for the ball to reach the player and then see when he is about to kick the ball
  • Press the shoot button just before he kicks.
  • You cannot follow the power bar trick with volleys since the timing could be different for volleys.

As I said before, timed shooting is more about muscle memory than reflexes. Practice knowing the timing of the second shot. Yes, animations could be different which might change the timing of the second shot, but trust me most of the animations would take the same timing.

There are a few lengthy animations that can throw you off if you use the power bar trick but once you know which animations trigger when you will be ready for it. If you do not know the animation it would be difficult for you to react to that 1-2 frame window when the player lifts his leg up to shoot. Surely you can learn by looking at the animations but I found the power bar method much easier to get the greens. Practiced the timed shots a lot by looking at the animation and I just could not get it right. I would make a green shot but it would be 4 out of 10 shots.  However, with the power bar method, I made at least 8-9 of them. That 1 time I would miss would probably be because of a stupid animation.

All that I am trying to say is that you would not always trigger those stupid lengthy animations. So why not use the power bar method? Go to squad battles and keep practicing. See for yourself which one is easier for you. At the end of the day, it all comes down to what works best for you. I could only suggest a method that I feel could be easier for those who are struggling with timed shooting.

I hope the guide was helpful. Do let us know in the comment section below.

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  1. I’m gonna try this in fut champs haha. I’ve been trying to learn this for 2 fifas but just found it too difficult to get my head around properly . Great advice though!

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