FIFA 22 – Season 1 Level 30 Rewards | Whom to Pick ?

Are you confused about whom to select for your level 30 rewards? Well, I will help you come to a conclusion with proper reasoning.

FIFA 22 – Season 1 Level 30 Rewards | Whom to Pick?

Well, for the ones who started early the season has already come to a close since they are now about to reach level 30. Especially the EA Play Pro users who got a decent XP boost to start with. The Level 30 rewards look pretty nice, to be honest. Even though the players are not from very well-known clubs but still we can use them in-game since the stats on these cards look absolutely amazing.

The Players :

Let’s quickly check out the card on the level 30 rewards.

Bou :

He is from Argentina playing for the MLS. The card looks pretty decent for a striker. On top of that, he has the 4-star combo which would really work well for this finishing.  Amazing Shot power of 96 would make his shot pretty lethal. Shot power is crucial this year we all know about it by now.

Pedro Pedro :

Spanish player in the Portuguese league. He could prove to be your link between a Portuguese League and La Liga team. You can link him with Ramos. Other than links I do not see anything special on this card.

Davidson :

Oh well, he is a Brazilian playing for the Turkish league. Yeah, when you are a Brazilian it does not matter which league you play in you can get linked with almost any major league. Link him with Jesus Telles and Fred in the Premier League. Link him with Casemiro and Renan Lodi for La Liga. You have plenty of options for this guy. On top of that, he has great dribbling and pace with 92 shot power for good enough shooting.

Whom to Select?

Now basically it comes down to whom you could fit in your squad. Honestly, Bou would be very difficult to link. We do not have enough good players from Argentina except for a few. However, if you can link him with a full 10 chem then you should go for him. Especially for this 4-star combo.

Pedro Pedro does not impress me at all. If his defending has been around 83 or 84 probably he would have been a decent pick. Other than that you can only link him to Spanish players or players from the Portuguese league which does not have the best players.

Davidson’s card looks great apart from the 3-star weak foot. His links would be great and overall I do find him a better pick than the other two. If you want a usable player who could be linked. I would pick this guy. Bou for me would be difficult to get a 10 chem but I can easily get Davidson to 10 chem. I would personally choose this card over the other two.

If you found this guide useful let us know in the comment section below. Enjoy the game

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