FIFA 22 – Season 3 Level 30 Rewards | Which one to Pick?

This article will help you decide which one of the 3 cards should you pick for your FUT Season 3 Level 30 rewards.

FIFA 22 – Season 3 Level 30 Rewards | Which one to Pick?

If you are wondering which card to pick for your FUT Season 3 level 30 rewards then you have come to the right place. The rewards this time do not really look so good. The stats on the cards are very average compared to the promo cards we have now. They are not even from the top leagues which also makes it difficult to fit them in your starting lineup.

The Players :

So, we have Storyline Fabricio, Pozuelo, and Browne. Like I said before the cards look very mediocre statistically. However, they are free so we can’t really complain about it. All you need to do is some decent grinds and you will be able to reach level 30 easily. Let’s talk about the players now.

Fabricio :

Well, he is Brazilian. I do not have to say anything more. He has an average pace with decent shooting. However, he has a 3-star weak foot which might bother some people. But when it comes to links there Brazilians and the French rule over everyone else. His 93 composure would actually be his key stat since it is actually very important this year.

Pozuelo :

He is from Spain, plays in the MLS, and has a 5-star weak foot. The weak foot makes such a huge difference. He has good passing and dribbling with average shooting. But the main weakness of this card would be his pace.  Even though he has 85 acceleration his sprint speed is just too low to be of any good in the game. 75 sprint speed is just not enough.

Now people can argue over the fact that I might be talking like a pace abuser but trust me Mbappe would not be half as dangerous with 75 sprint speed. This guy even though he would play as a CAM would have difficulty trying to catch the through balls against the super pacey defenders we have now.

Browne :

This dude is just 1 attribute short of entering the Gullit Gang. To be honest he actually seems like a decent CM. 3-star skills moves would bother a lot of people but again he isn’t the one you are going to dribble around the pitch with.  His passing seems a little weak but if you look at the stat carefully it is low because of the Free kick  Accuracy and Curve. Other than that he has 85 short passing and 80 long passing with 82 vision which actually is decent enough. But he is from the Republic of Ireland and the EFL Championships and may not be the easiest to fit in the squad.

Which One to Choose?

Now, I do not know how many of you will actually run an MLS or an EFL squad. Fabricio is from Brazil which gives him very easy links. Pozuelo is from Spain but I would still prefer Brazil for links. Look at it this way, if you have an icon squad or a squad where you can play any of these guys on full chemistry go for it. For easy links I prefer Fabricio.

However, if you do not have a squad where you can fit any one of them and you would probably get them as fodder or super sub, I would say go for Fabricio. He has a little bit of pace which you can use to outrun defenders in the last 20 minutes or so.

If you ask me, which of these cards looks best overall? I would say it’s Browne. He has almost everything. The game already has enough decent strikers. You could actually work well with a good almost Gullit Gang CM. He also has the High/High work rate which is so good for a box-to-box defender. But his nationality brings him down making him so difficult to link.

There you go, I hope this guide would actually help you in picking one of these cards. Do let us know in the comments section below if you like the content. Also, let us know which card you feel would be better of the three.

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  1. Thank you very much for this. It has helped me to making a better decision. At first I was just going to pick Fabricio cause of the better links. I have a few Brazilian special cards. But now that you’ve unpacked everything for me. I’m considering Browne, seeing that his a better option. I also do have a few EFL special cards. I’m still yet to decide though.

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