FIFA 22 – Should you do RTTK Nabil Fekir SBC ? | FUT SBC Guide

Wondering whether or not to complete the RTTK Nebil Fekir SBC for your Ultimate Team.

FIFA 22 – Should you do RTTK Nabil Fekir SBC ? | FUT SBC Guide

The Road To The Knockouts Promo was out on Friday and the cards sure look amazing. We have a new Promo SBC – Nabil Fekir from Real Betis. They are playing in the UEFA Europa League this year and you must be wondering whether this SBC would be the best thing to do. The SBC is not at all cheap considering the overall of the player. However, his stats look brilliant.

This SBC would cost you around :

  • PlayStation – 89k
  • Xbox – 104k
  • PC – 101k

That seems a bit too much for an 86-rated card. However, this SBC would only be worth it if he gets an upgrade. That is the specialty of this promo. The card might receive a maximum of 2 upgrades. This card might be too overpowered after both upgrades. But there is the question of whether or this card will get one.

Is the SBC worth it?

Well, in order to answer that we need to check how Real Betis is playing in the UEL so far. To be honest the Nabil Fekir gold card gives me a lot of trouble online. He always seems to score against me and the dude’s attack positioning and shooting are ridiculously good on the gold card. As a card or a player, this guy would be a beast with the upgrades which he already got. On top of that, he has a 4-star combo.

Now let me tell you, this card will receive at least 1 upgrade. Wondering how am I so sure. Take a look at this :

This is the group standing for the Betis stage in the UEL. The card would get upgraded if :

  • They make it to the Knockouts
  • They get at least 3 points from the remaining 4 games in the group.

Real Betis is sure to move on to the knockouts which give this Fekir RTTK card an upgrade. Now if they manage the 3 points in their 4 games which I feel they will, will give the card another upgrade making this card absolutely end-game. Therefore there is no confusion here. He is still good even without an upgrade. Just imagine how overpowered he would be if he got those 2 upgrades. And I am not trying to convince you based on random guesswork over here.

You can actually see that Betis won their two games in the UEFA Europa League so far along with Leverkusen. The other two teams in their group seem to be pretty weak. I do not see a reason why Real Betis might not go through the group stage to the knockouts.

Well, on top of that the dude is French. He can be linked easily to the best possible players in FUT 22. He can be linked with all the major leagues in the game.  I would say do the SBC even if he does not fit your squad. You might change your squad later on or if you wish to have French players in the future. The bottom line is – Do This SBC no matter what. 

I have already done the SBC and this guy is a beast. Currently, I am in Division 1 and he is still good. I hope this guide was helpful. Do let us know in the comment section below and also let us know whether you are liking this SBC or not.

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