FIFA 22 – Showdown Fabinho Vs Rodrygo SBC | Which one to pick ?

This guide will help you decide between the two new Showdown SBCs Fabinho from Liverpool and Rodrygo from Real Madrid.

FIFA 22 – Showdown Fabinho Vs Rodrygo SBC | Which one to pick?

Sunday will be the ultimate showdown as Liverpool takes on the Spanish giants Real Madrid in the UEFA Champions League final. Until then we have to decide on which Showdown SBC to complete between Fabinho from Liverpool and Rodrygo from Real Madrid.

For the ones who do not know about how the Showdown SBCs work let me explain it to you. A player is picked from opposing sides before their official match. They are eligible for a +2 upgrade if their side wins the game. If it is a draw then they would end up getting a +1. However, this is the UEFA Champions League Final. There would obviously be a winner and so there would be a guaranteed +2 on any one of them.

Now the question is who would end up getting the upgrade? There are people who would do the SBC based on the card that is more likely to get an upgrade. So if you like everyone else is confused about which one to pick then you have come to the right place.

Whom to Select between Fabinho and Rodrygo :

Picking between Fabinho and Rodrygo would basically mean you trying to pick between Liverpool and Real Madrid. Both have played their best games to reach the Champion League final. However, if you ask me Real Madrid had much more difficult opponents than Liverpool throughout the tournament.

They have proved in every single match that it is never over until the last whistle. They have rightfully earned the title “The Comeback Kings” this year. On the other hand, Liverpool lost the Premier League by just a point. If we are talking about the mindset of the players, and the hunger to win, I would pick Real Madrid any day over Liverpool. Just because the players are all pumped up and mentally more healthy than Liverpool players.

If you actually check their Head to Head clashes :

Teams Wins Losses Draws
Real Madrid 3 4 1
Liverpool 4 3 1

Even though Liverpool has won more matches, they had not been able to beat Madrid even once since 2015. The last time they faced was back in the 20-21 Quarter Finals of the UEFA Champions League when Madrid won 3-1 in the first leg and the next leg ended in a 0-0 draw. Madrid went through on aggregate.

If you talk about the teams then I would be choosing Real Madrid here. I feel Rodrygo has the best chance to get the upgrade. Also, he is a RW from La Liga and he all knows La Liga does not have good enough RWs.

With the TOTS La Liga recently being released, I do not see a reason why users running La Liga squads will not choose Rodrygo over Fabinho. What about the hybrid squads? What do people like us choose? Well, here is what we can do.

If you talk about the player card in general, Rodrygo does have 5-star skills and he has the pace and shooting on him too. But, have you looked at the Fabinho card? The dude is a monster. He is going to give you the Gullit vibe, just the fact that he would be a little bit more defensive with his Medium/ High work rates. No wonder he is 100k more expensive than Rodrygo.

We normally do not get Showdown cards which are different in pricing but this one would have been an absolute steal if Fabinho had the same pricing as Rodrygo. This tells you clearly that he would be your end-game CDM.

Well, if you have enough fodder why not go for both of them? Both of them are Brazilians and can actually be linked with each other. If you want to choose one based on the upgrade, I feel Rodrygo will be getting it. If you want the better card of the two then Fabinho is the one for you. It also depends on whom you could fit into your team as well. What is the requirement of your team? Do you need pacey wingers (the game has a million of them) or do you need a Ruud Gullit like CM or CDM who would dominate the midfield for you? The choice is yours.

I hope the guide was helpful. Please let us know in the comments section down below. Also, keep following FPS Index for more FIFA 22 related content. and guide.

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