FIFA 22 – Showdown Kovacic vs Keita Which SBC to do ? Chelsea vs Liverpool

This guide will help you decide which Showdown SBC to do between Mateo Kovacic and Naby Keita

FIFA 22 – Showdown Kovacic vs Keita Which SBC to do? Chelsea vs Liverpool

Well, the new showdown SBC is here and this time we have Naby Keita from Liverpool competing with Mateo Kovacic from Chelsea. The match would surely be a classic. However, for us FIFA fans we would eagerly wait for our players to get upgraded when they win. And if in case you are confused about which SBC to do between these 2, you have come to the right place. I will help you decide which one would be the best.

Which one to choose?

Well, before we start comparing the stats on the players we need to keep in mind that their team needs to win for an upgrade. A draw would only give both of them a plus 1. A win on the other hand would give them a +2 boost which looks okay, to be honest.

Statistically, the players do not look that great. I mean we have much better CMs and CDMs in the game at the moment. They both look pretty average, to be honest. However, statistically, I would say that Keita beats Kovacic by a mile. The reason is that Kovacic has pretty weak defending and his finishing is below average. Keita on the other hand has average shooting and he also has decent defending to his game.

The only thing where Kovacic is better according to me would be the 92 dribblings and 88 passing. Now passing feels very weird in this game at times. Even when I was playing Mystery ball and had the Passing Boost on the players would still not make the easiest passes in the world. This proves that it is not our fault that passing is bad. It is the game itself. The players just do not lock on well enough. I do not feel the passing would have a huge difference. But the defense and the shooting actually would. Keita is also a little faster.

Now apart from the statistics, we also complete showdown SBCs based on who we think would win. For that let me tell you that it would certainly be an intense battle out there on the pitch. Both teams look evenly balanced and they have what it takes to outdo the other on the field. It would obviously be a close call.

If you remember, the last match they played against each other was a draw and the one before that was won by Chelsea. Does that give Chelsea the edge?

Well psychologically speaking maybe it does, but that is not the complete statistics. If we actually check out the last 10 meetings between these two sides :

We can see that Liverpool won 5 of them and lost 3. Two of the matches were draws.

However, Chelsea is actually above Liverpool in the league table with Liverpool having a game in hand. They won the last 3 out of 5 games while Chelsea won only 2.

The way Liverpool is performing this season it seems like they might just take this game.

However, these are just my predictions for the game and I personally feel Liverpool might win the match. You can play it safe and do both the SBCs. But for what they have to offer on paper I do not feel they are worth it. The SBCs are a little expensive since they are from the Premier League. So if you had to choose one based on who might get an upgrade – Go for Naby Keita.

Other than that, you can go for the one that fits your team. Kovacic could be a green link to Kante and Werner. Keita could be a green link to Mane, Salah, and even Van Dijk who has a new Headliners card. So if you are planning to get the Van Dijk then you might want to pick Keita again.

There you go, I hope this guide helped you in getting to a conclusion. Please let us know in the comments section below. Also, share your thoughts on which one you feel would be a better choice.

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