FIFA 22 – Showdown Muriel vs Darmian Which SBC to do ? Atalanta vs Inter

This guide will help you pick between Showdown Muriel and Darmian SBC.

FIFA 22 – Showdown Muriel vs Darmian Which SBC to do? Atalanta vs Inter

We have yet another Showdown SBC today and this time it’s Luis Muriel from Bergamo Calcio (Atalanta) and Darmian from Inter. Yes, Bergamo Calcio is basically a made-up name by EA since they did not have the rights to feature this team similar to Piemonte Calcio  (Juventus). Both the cards look pretty nice. However, it could really be confusing when you have to choose between these two. That is what we are here for.

Which SBC to do?

If you actually check out both the cards one of them is a full back. Darmian from Inter is a fullback with pretty decent stats. Luis Muriel is a Striker with good stats as well. The question is? Which one of these would get an upgrade? Before we get to that we need to know how good the teams are playing since we only get a +2 upgrade if the team wins. A draw would only give a +1 to both cards. I know many of us would do the SBC based on which team is likely to win. This is what we are going to discuss here.

Atalanta is currently 4th in the league while Inter is right there at the top. If we compare the last 5 games for both clubs this is what we have :

Inter has won all 5 of their games while Atalanta won 3. They lost one and the other game was a draw. If you also look at the head-to-head statistics for both teams :

This is the last game they played and it resulted in a draw. But if you check the head-to-head for the last 5 games Atalanta has won none. Inter had won 2 of those 5 games while the remaining were draws. This may be crucial information since we are trying to analyze which team could win the match. According to the statistics and the form both teams are in I would say Inter might win against Atalanta. These are just my predictions as I have no way to know who might win or what might happen during the game.

Looking at both the cards, if you have a Serie A team you can easily get green links for Darmian since he is Italian. You can link him to Barella or other Italian players. Muriel is from Columbia which does not give him decent green links other than someone from his own club. Therefore if you are looking for someone based on links, I would prefer Darmian over Muriel.

Honestly, I expected Muriel to have a better pace. If Atalanta manages to win the card would become so good. Darmian, on the other hand, has pretty average full-back stats but he has a 5-star weak foot. If you want one of these cards as a super sub then Muriel would be the better one. In fact, I would say Muriel is the better one of the two. But Darmian has more chances to get an upgrade and then he would be really good statistically.

So I would personally go for Darmian over Muriel just because I feel Darmian has more chances of getting an upgrade. You can still play safe by doing both of the SBCs. But if I had to choose one I would select the one that is more likely to get an upgrade.

I hope this guide was helpful. Do let us know in the comments section below.

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