FIFA 22 – Showdown SBC Origi vs Mount | Liverpool vs Chelsea | Which one to do ?

This guide will help you decide which Showdown SBC to do between Origi and Mount.

FIFA 22 – Showdown SBC Origi vs Mount | Liverpool vs Chelsea | Which one to do?

Chelsea squares off against Liverpool in the final of the EFL Cup. These two clubs always had an epic rivalry and hence the matches were always intense and good to watch. If you are a football fan then this should be a treat for you to cherish.

EA on the other hand tries to make the best out of these heavyweight matches. The Showdown SBC concept is pretty unique as the player gets an upgrade of +2 depending on whether his team wins the game or not. A draw would only give both parties an upgrade of +1.

Which one to pick between Origi and Mount SBCs?

This is not the first time EA has dropped a Showdown SBC for Chelsea vs Liverpool. I remember the last time we have Keita from Liverpool vs Kovacic from Chelsea with both getting a +1 upgrade as the match ended in a draw.

Even the match before this ended in a draw. It seems like neither of these two giants wants to bow down to the other. However, the best thing about this showdown SBC is that there would not be a draw. It’s the EFL Cup Final match there has to be a winner. So we are actually guaranteed a +2 upgrade on one of these cards.

If you actually look at this card statistically, I have no clue what EA was thinking when they added the Mason Mount card.  Absolutely poor stats all around. At this stage of the game, the card even with an upgrade would actually be super weak.

He does not even have 4-star skill moves.  Origi on the other hand looks so decent as a striker. He has the pace and the shooting. He has the physicality and the height, he could head the ball and would offer you so much more than Mount in the game. on top of that, He would link green to Mane and Salah. Origi without an upgrade looks better than Mount with an upgrade. Hence I do not see a reason why someone would even do the Mount SBC.

Now if we consider the possibility of an upgrade, I would still say Origi might get it. Even though the last 2 games were draws but if we actually check out the results of the last 10 games before the 2 draws below :

We can easily see that Liverpool has won 5 and lost 3, while 2 games ended in a draw. It seems that Liverpool is more likely to win the game.

Therefore, I do not see a reason why we should not do the Origi card. Imagine a + 2 upgrade on that card. He would actually be overpowered. I hope this guide would help you make a decision. If this was so, then please let us know in the comments section down below. Also, let us know what you feel about these two Showdown cards.

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