FIFA 22 – Slow Gameplay FIX | Reduce Input Delay Online

Fed up of Slow Gameplay  and Input Delay on FIFA 22 Ultimate Team ? Well I will help you get much better and smoother gameplay . All you need to do is go through this guide and you will see the difference for yourself .

FIFA 22 – Slow Gameplay FIX | Reduce Input Delay Online

There had countless number of times when I have literally raged over poor Ultimate gameplay. The game would feel too slow and players like Messi and Neymar would turn like trucks on the pitch. It is not fair I tell you. When my opponent would just dribble past my defense with absolutely silk like connection and I would have to press the tackle button 1 second before just to compensate for the input delay.

Well this is perhaps a major concern for EA. Over the years users all over the world had been complaining about poor servers and slow gameplay most of the time. But is EA always at fault ? Do we not have anything we can do from our side which would help us get better gameplay ? Ofcourse we can. Gameplay is slow I agree, but that doesn’t mean we cannot try and fix it. Atleast to a point where it becomes playable.

How to Solve the Problem ?

Well, lets say there are many ways in which we can solve this problem to a certain extent. But there is a deal breaker. If you stay too far from the server there cannot be much you can do to fix the gameplay. The game will feel slow for you. So if you live too far away from the server then you can just blame it on EA for not having more servers set up around the globe.

But if you are close enough or just not too far away from the servers you may try these simple steps to fix the gameplay.

  • Switch to a wired connection. Yes gaming on wifi is not ideal. Data transferred to a cable is much more stable and only one user gets to use it. Unlike wifi which is not so stable and multiple users can be connected to it. For gaming , a wired connection will be the best.
  • Restart the game or maybe your internet for once.
  • Turn Off any browsers or active downloads.
  • Make sure Anti Virus is completely off
  • Go to Game Settings before you Launch the game and make sure all Rendering Quality is set to Low. Use native Resolution (monitor resolution) .MSAA should be Off.
  • Make sure you select No Limit to FPS. If you lock the frames to 30 or 60 you will face input delay and the game will feel relatively slow. This is because the game would try to sync the frames to give you a stable FPS. Input therefore gets delayed.
  • Also try scrolling in the Menu for a while. Move around in the menu. If you can move around with ease its fine but if you feel a hint of delay in the menus then you probably not start a match.
  • Delete your Personal Settings in game almost every week. Yes, this actually helps. You can easily create a new personal settings in game.
  • Lastly , servers are crowded depending on the time when you play. Evening time is the most crowded and you will experience slow gameplay. The morning time or after midnight could be the best time to play. Servers will be less crowded and you can actually have much faster gameplay. You just need to try playing at different times to understand which one would be the best time for you.

I assure you that if you actually follow these steps you will see the difference in the gameplay. It will feel much faster and smoother and you will be able to actually enjoy the game. If the guide was useful do let us know in the comment section below.

17 thoughts on “FIFA 22 – Slow Gameplay FIX | Reduce Input Delay Online”

  1. Lool years of talk talk
    I know many player start getting elite in fut champs after relocating
    Also one YouTuber mention that he got his first elite 3 after moving somewhere where his ping was 5 or so
    There is no solution for poor game play except of getting 15 or less ping and thats will not happen unless closer servers to player are built end of the story.

    Good luck 🙂

  2. I have good ping, wired internet a brand new PS5. I have changed internet provider, brought a brand new monitor, anything you can think of. However every year only on fifa I am delayed and have real bad input lag. Can you help me please

  3. Fut is really slow today 03/11 worse its ever been. Due to this horrible game play. I now have to quit. Ive spent lots on this game. I now feel ea have out done me for money

  4. For the last 4 weeks, it has become so unbelievably bad. I went from destroying people and going on win streaks higher than 15, to constantly losing games and not making it in fut champs.
    My team feels like a truck on a racetrack.
    Living in NSW, Australia

  5. Actually this are really good solutions. First honest comment. My players also seem they are stuck. Seems something to do with animations also because running forward seems ok but turning and defending is impossible…

    But if you play late during night game gameplay is good… but who buys a game to play at 2 am??

  6. I actually have solution for this,
    FIFA chooses between hosting and Amazon AWS.

    I monitored the IPs FIFA22 connects, have a list of all their servers (for my region i guess).
    When playing with AWS server, it really sucks and slow reaction times, etc. Just an overal bad experience.
    So I increased the latency to 100 ms for the IP i had a bad experience with, and now I only connect with the good servers, or at least the IPs i had good experience with.

    So now I have fixed that problem, however….
    you cant solve this scripting bullshit, it has become so obvious to me now after this fix. It cant be the connection anymore right, i have <10 ms in each game in FUT. I went from playing 10 games a day to, 1 game per 10 days. I wonder if there is something we can do, but i dont think we can…

  7. I think that this is actually my last FIFA ever. So disappointing… Help Desk is the worst. All they do is just send you some recommended steps of troubleshooting. With every update gameplay is getting slower, online gaming is sometimes impossible. Offline – my players are fast as f…k. Online is just soooo slow and bad. I really cannot play this game anymore

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