FIFA 22 – Steam Users Cannot Download the game | Stuck | Fix Error

Are you trying to download FIFA 22 for hours but it is just stuck? Are you getting a Download Error when you try and download the game? Well, we are here to get it fixed.

FIFA 22 – Steam Users Cannot Download the game | Stuck | Fix Error

Yes, it is the time of the year when the entire world starts downloading FIFA 22. We all love football and getting impatient about FIFA is pretty common. Imagine how annoying it might be waiting for hours trying to download the game but absolutely no progress. In this guide, I will help you fix any download-related problems with the game. Since a lot of users started complaining about the download literally getting stuck and we are here to solve it.

How to Solve the Problem?

Firstly, you need to understand that FIFA is no longer a small game. You need to have at least 50GB of hard drive space. In fact, you need to have more than that because of the updates. If it is less than 50 the download will get stuck. Therefore make sure you have enough hard drive space.

Also, make sure you Restart Steam and your PC if required.

Secondly, since the game is large it takes a while for Steam to allocate disk space. It would probably seem stuck but it’s not, trust me. Click on the Play button and you will find a blue bar getting filled. Wait for it. May take a while but patience is key here.

Right Download Settings on Steam :

Lastly, you need to have the right download settings on Steam. There could be possibilities for download errors if the download settings during that time are not correct. Follow these steps :

  • Steam (top left)>> Settings >> Downloads >> Clear Download Cache (Download cache might prevent you from downloading a game on steam. Always clear it)
  • In the same place, you will see another option called Steam Library Folders. When to click on this you will be able to see the drive where you download all your steam games. Click on the settings icon on the right and select Repair Folder. This folder is writable by all users. However, missing or broken links could cause download errors. Repairing it could fix the problem.
  • Now click on Download Region. There could be a possibility that the servers in the region from which you are currently downloading could be down or slow due to technical problems or more traffic. Steam has its servers set up all over the world and you are free to choose whichever server you want for downloading. Click on the drop-down arrow and scroll through the locations to find a different one that works well for you. You may have to try it quite a few times.
  • Remember to Restart Steam in order for these changes to take effect.

There you go, easy steps that could help you fix any downloading error with FIFA 22. If the guide was helpful do let us know in the comment section down below.

9 thoughts on “FIFA 22 – Steam Users Cannot Download the game | Stuck | Fix Error”

  1. My problem is that it says on origin that i can download fifa 22.(pre download) I have ultimate edition and ea play so that should not be the problem. When i try to download it it just says that it haven’t been relased yet. Pls help

  2. i can download but, when i wanna start, popup an error message that i have to wait for Relese. But i already have ea play and ultimate

  3. i’m having a problem with my Fifa 22 ultimate edition….i bought it in steam….
    this version be able to play right now…since i’m link with origin….while in origin it says play game..but when i click….steam says the game is not availble until 1 oct….pls help

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