FIFA 22 – Top 10 Cheap Strikers for Beginners / Starters | FUT

Looking for the best Budget Strikers for FIFA 22 for your starter squad? We have a list of top 10 cheap strikers to begin the game with.  Well, lets find out .

FIFA 22 – Top 10 Cheap Strikers for Beginners / Starters | FUT

Well, scoring in FIFA 22 is difficult. The goalkeepers are literally god-like and you need to be absolutely perfect in finishing to keep scoring consistently. To do that you need to get into shooting positions quickly or you need to turn quickly in order to shoot. Pace agility is key for every striker.

But trust me when I say there are certain players who have extra dribbling animations, better shooting compared to the stats on the card, and overall better positioning than others. These players are specially programmed to behave that way in-game. This is something EA doesn’t tell you directly but expects you to find out as you progress through the game.

Best Budget Strikers in FUT :

Here is the list of the best cheap strikers who are sure to make a huge difference in the game.

Ciro Immobile (87, ST) 

If the 3-star Skill moves do not bother you this card is pretty cheap and honestly one of the most clinical strikers you can get at the price. Shoot as much as you can with him he is sure to get you tons of goals. He has the pace and the physicality combined with excellent shooting.

Gabriel Jesus (83, ST)

This Brazilian dribbles like crazy in-game. He had always been meta in every FIFA since 19 and the best pick for any starter squad. He has the pace and his shooting is much better than his stats. On top of that, he has all the amazing premier league links to him.

Richarlison (82, ST)

Another Brazilian from the Premier League and this one has the 5-star weak foot. Yes shoot with any foot and you have the same chance of scoring. He has that special something to his game. Attack positioning is pretty good compared to others.

Isak (82 , ST)

This dude from La Liga has it all. Another one of those specially programmed strikers to be more effective than his stats. He also has the 5 star weak combined with the pace. He is tall and can win you headers. Also pretty strong on the ball.

Joao Felix (83, ST)

His 5-star skills could make a lot of difference. On top of that, he shoots and runs a lot faster than what his stats say. He is incredibly strong and retains the ball too. Just do not get fooled by his physicality on paper.

Malen (80, ST)

This 80-rated card could probably outdo the other higher-rated strikers in the game. Pace, shooting, dribbling, and strength. This guy has it all. And he is so cheap. Could also work as a super sub.

Muriel (82, ST)

This guy from Serie A could outrun most of the defenders. He has pretty good dribbling combined with amazing shooting. He is around the meta height as well and feels smooth on the ball. If you have a Serie A squad get this guy for sure.

Correa (83 ST)

This guy does it all. He can dribble, he is strong, and runs fast too. I remember Correa scoring against me every time. So much that I literally bought this guy and he played so well for me. Feel so good on the ball as well.

Dries Mertens (84 , CF)

Mertens had always been a part of my starting squad every year. This guy is pretty short and therefore has the best turns in the game. He feels like skill. Just don’t try to take on defenders physically or you won’t even last a second. Keep your distance and enjoy the card. 0

Daka (77, ST)


Plays for Leicester City in the Premier League this guy is insanely fast when he sprints. He can finish too. Although he has a 3-star combo if you are the type who loves relying on pace then this guy is for you.

There you go, the top 10 cheap or budget strikers to start the game with. Hope this guide was helpful. Do let us know in the comment section below.

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