FIFA 22 TOTGS Cova Objectives Guide

This guide will help you complete the new Team Of The Group Stage Cova objectives easily.

FIFA 22 TOTGS Cova Objectives Guide

The Team Of The Group Stage cards are out and honestly, they look fantastic to me.  The FUT Birthday Alvarez was a monster and this one looks even more overpowered.

These are basically players under the CONMEBOL Association. Like every other time, EA has also dropped a free objectives card. It is going to be TOTGS Cova who plays for Dep. Tachira in the CONMEBOL Libertadores.

You may not get the best links with this guy unless he is Venezuelan and from the same league or any player from the same club. Other than this Icon links may work for him too. A CAM with 97 pace does not look too bad.

For a free objective card, I would definitely take it. Not only this, but you would also be getting the 23rd TOTS Swap 2 token: Takagi as well as a reward.

How to complete the TOTGS Cova Objectives Easily :

Unlike the other objectives card we got earlier this week like the EOAE Mata, we do not have to do this in any particular Friendly mode. You can complete the objectives in any game mode you want. This includes Division Rivals, FUT Champs, and Squad Battles. Friendlies and Drafts would not work.

20 Goal Haul: Yu have to score 20 Goals in total.

Argentinian Accuracy: You have to score using Argentinian players in 12 separate matches. Win or loss does not matter here as long as you score at least 1 goal per game.

Win 10: You need to win a total of 10 matches while having 7 or more CONMEBOL Libertadores players in your starting squad.

Play 15: You just need to play a total of 15 matches. Win or loss does not count.

Through Talent: You need to assist 5 goals in total with through balls only.

Well, the objectives seem to be super easy. I would suggest completing them in Squad Battles mode to make it easier. There is no difficulty restriction so play in whichever difficulty you want. This is basically all you need to know about completing TOTGS Cova objectives.

I hope this article was helpful. Please let us know in the comments section below.

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