FIFA 22 – TOTS Maxim Objectives Guide

This guide will help you complete the new TOTS Maxim objectives easily.

FUT 22 – TOTS Maxim Objectives Guide

Its the Super Lig TOTS today and we have some really exciting cards. Although a very few cards are actually above 90 but we still have some great cards out there.

The Turkish League does  have some great players out there in real life and we also have French and Brazilians in the team for easy links. To be honest I was not too excited for this one but for those who wants to build a good and cheap team might fancy these cards.

Like every other time EA has dropped a free objectives card which I would not mind grinding. A free 90 rated player is more than what I can ask for and on top of that I would not say he looks that bad on paper just because he has 5 star skills.

Even though the positioning on him is a CM but I recon he would be more effective as a CAM. Another reason you would want to complete the objectives would be the TOTS Swap 2 Token : Aoki  that you get as a reward.

How to complete the TOTS Maxim Objectives quickly :

The objectives for this one could be done in any game mode. This basically includes Squad Battles, Division Rivals and FUT Champions. Friendlies  and Drafts however will not be included.

Here are the objectives and how you could easily complete them :

Fine Finish : You have to score a total of 15 goals with Finesse shots. Green timing your shots would be key here. Try not to take the finesse shots from inside the box. further away allows the ball to curl and that is what you want. You could also pass infront of goal for an easy Finesse goal in an empty net.

Super Lig Scorer : You have to score in 12 separate matches using players from the Super Lig. One per game at least. Win or loss does not count here.

Success in Super Lig : You have to win 10 games in total while having 7 Super Lig players in your starting 11. You can obviously sub in good players after minute 1 . You just need to start the game with 7 Super Lig players in the squad.

Play 15 : Play a total of 15 matches.

Target Practice : Score 5 goals from outside the box. Any type of shot would work. I would go for Finesse since I need to also score 15 finesse shots. Regualr shots to the far post from the edge of the box is also a good option.

Tips :

  • I would recommend playing all the matches in Squad Battles. You could use any difficulty, it is upto you. However Rivals and FUT Champs would not be easy for the objectives.
  • Play all the games while having 7 or more Super Lig players in the squad.
  • You could use players like Ozil, Visca, Teixeira, Valencia etc for the obejctives.

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