FIFA 22 – TOTS Upgrade SBC Cheapest Method

This guide will show you the cheapest solution to the TOTS Upgrade SBC.

FIFA 22 – TOTS Upgrade SBC Cheapest Method

EA is back with its daily content. Today we finally get the TOTS Upgrade. This pack guarantees a Team of the Season player. However, the only question remains whether it is worth it.

There had been plenty of top-tier TOTS cards this year and there had also been absolutely low-tier ones as well. The ones not from the major leagues could be very difficult to link with your current squad unless you are already running an icon team or you have players from that league in your starting 11.

To be honest, this SBC is more like a hit or a miss. If you are lucky enough you might pack someone who could change your game completely or you end up getting someone to put in the next SBC. However, I would still recommend completing the SBC as I would be helping you build the team at the lowest possible cost.

TOTS Upgrade SBC Cheapest Squad :

Let’s talk about the requirements for this SBC :

  • You have to use either a TOTW player or a TOTS player in your squad. You can use both too.
  • Squad Rating should be 84 or more
  • Team chemistry should be 55 or higher.

The thing about these SBCs is that they have pretty easy requirements. The only factor is the squad requirement which normally stays high. Therefore you need to find the cheapest possible squad in order to save coins.

This is perhaps the cheapest squad that you could submit for this SBC at the time of writing this article. The player prices may change as the market has been super unpredictable this year. Here is what the SBC cost looks like :

PlayStation Xbox PC
41,750 46,550 42,900

I would not say that the SBC is fairly priced. There are like so many TOTS cards that are below 40k. However, there could also be a possibility that you could pack someone above 40k. Like I said before this SBC is a gamble.

I would recommend using the players available in your club first. If in case you are out of fodder completely then go ahead and copy the squad that  I have shown over here. I am sure you would be able to save a lot of coins this way. You may even end up having a few of them in your club as well.

I hope the guide was helpful. Please let us know in the comments section down below. Also, keep following FPS Index for more FIFA 22 related content. and guide.

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