FIFA 22 – UEFA Marquee Matchups Ajax Vs SL Benfica SBC Cheapest Solution | Squad

This guide will help you complete the new UEFA Marquee Matchups Ajax vs Benfica  SBC at the lowest possible price.

FIFA 22 – UEFA Marquee Matchups Ajax Vs SL Benfica SBC Cheapest Solution | Squad

It’s the last week of the FUT Birthday campaign. The last week for you to get all the tokens you need. And we are here to help you get them. EA has just dropped the new UCL Marquee Matchups.

This includes the matches Ajax (Eredivisie) vs SL Benfica ( Liga Portugal ) and the Piemonte Calcio (Juventus ) vs Villareal CF. The main reason why you would be doing this SBC is that we also have a FUT Birthday Token hidden in the rewards for the Ajax and Benfica match.

Basically, we are getting a Premium Mixed Players Pack and FUT Birthday Token: Waidner as rewards. The Marquee matchups generally do not cost you many coins. They just require you to have some good knowledge about clubs. The UEFA Marquee is perhaps the easiest of the lot.

However, I will still help you with the cheapest squad for this SBC and also explain the requirements in case you want to do it own your own.

Cheapest Squad that you can Submit :

Before we jump into the squad let’s quickly check out the requirements for this SBC :

  • You have to use at least 1 or more players from either Ajax or Benfica in the squad.
  • You need to have players from at least 4 or more countries.
  • You cannot have more than 3 players from the same league
  • At least 1 or more Rare cards are to be used. Could be gold, silver, or bronze.
  • Squad rating of 79 or more
  • Team chemistry of 75 or more.
  • Total of 11 players in the squad.

There you go, this is the cheapest squad you can submit for this SBC. The players are easily available in the market too.


PlayStation Xbox PC
7,400 7,850 7,350

The price looks very balanced for all 3 platforms. You can easily reduce the cost by using the players available in your club. However, if you feel that the players you are about to use are worth more than the lowest value for this SBC then go ahead and copy this squad.

The price is determined by the current market condition. It could obviously change as the market is pretty unstable this year. However, at the time of writing this article, this is the cheapest squad that you can submit.

Feel free to copy the squad or make changes as you feel necessary.

I hope the guide was helpful. Do let us know in the comments section down below. Also, keep an eye on FPS Index for more FIFA 22 related content and guides.

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