FIFA 22 Ultimate Cup Objectives Guide

This guide will show you the easiest way to complete the new Ultimate Cup objectives.

FIFA 22 Ultimate Cup Objectives Guide

The Ultimate TOTS week is on and I have already packed Joao Felix. Like before EA has dropped the weekly theme-based Cup objectives which I believe is truly one of the best objective types.

It is a win-based objectives mode. The more wins you get the more rewards you get. In fact, the packs that you would be getting are actually decent. I would recommend everyone to do the Ultimate Cup objectives.

It is the best way you get packs in the Ultimate TOTS week. Open as many packs as you can before the weekends and try to pack someone good.

How to Enter the Ultimate Cup Friendly Mode :

The Ultimate Cup is very similar to the Premier League Cup and the La Liga Cup. They are all win-based objectives and have their own dedicated Friendly mode where you would have to play all the matches. For the Ultimate Cup, you would have to enter the Ultimate Cup Friendly Mode.

Here are the requirements for your team :

  • You can only use 1 loan player if you want. Either no loans or just 1.
  • It is a Max Chemistry mode. This means no matter where you play everyone will all have maximum chemistry. Use your best squad for this. Play them anywhere you want and do not worry about links. They would start the match with 100 chem.

How to Complete the Ultimate Cup Objectives Easily :

There is nothing specific that you need to know about the objectives. All you need to get our wins. Use the best team with the best strategies. Use an offensive strategy for when you go down by a goal and a defensive strategy to close out the game as well.

You will get a maximum of 3 attempts per day. The Cup stays for 13 days. So you would have a total of 39 attempts. Or in other words, 39 matches in total only if you play 3 matches every day. Now you could obviously get all the wins before that. This is just the maximum you can play.

Out of the 39 matches, you would have to win 14 matches which are not that hard, to be honest.

Here are the rewards that you would get. All the rewards will be untradeable :

  • Win 1- 2: Two Rare EFIGS Player Pack x 2
  • Win 3 – 7: Player Pick 1 out of 4 80+ EFIGS x 5
  • Win 8: TOTS Player Pack
  • Win 9: Premium Gold Players Pack
  • Win 10 – 11: Mega Pack x 2
  • Win 12: TOTS Player Pack
  • Win 13: Premium Gold Players Pack
  • Win 14: Prime Gold Players Pack
  • Final Reward: Rare Players Pack

I hope the guide was helpful. Please let us know in the comments section down below. Also, keep following FPS Index for more FIFA 22 related content. and guide.

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