FIFA 22 – Where to Find All TOTS Swaps Tokens | Token Tracker

This guide will help you track all the Team of the Season or TOTS Swap Tokens locations.

FIFA 22 – Where to Find All TOTS Swaps Tokens | Token Tracker

It’s Team of the Season time and EA has just launched a TOTS Campaign on the day of Premier League TOTS. If you are not familiar with such a campaign, let me tell you that it is very similar to the Winter Wildcards and Future Stars Campaign.

You will have to keep an eye on daily content like SBCs and Objectives through which you could earn TOTS Swap Tokens. You could later swap these tokens for exciting rewards. The event starts on the 6th of May and continues till the 27th of May.

There will be a total of 25 TOTS Swaps tokens for both TOTS Swaps 1 and 2 campaigns that you can get.  One will be awarded to you for just logging into the game from the 6th of May till the 27th of May at 18:00 UTC. There will be one more that will be available through Store through a pack during the campaign.

Here is what the rewards for this program look like :

22 Tokens – Icon Moments Luis Figo
19 Tokens – Premier League TOTS Player Pick (1 of 3 Player Options)
17 Tokens – Icon Moments Michael Ballack
15 Tokens – 84+ x 25 Rare Players Pack
14 Tokens – Combined Premier League TOTS and Bundesliga TOTS Player Pick (1 of 3 Player Options)
10 Tokens – Premier League TOTS Pack (one Premier League TOTS player)
7 Tokens – Bundesliga TOTS Pack (one Bundesliga TOTS player)
5 Tokens – Ultimate Pack
5 Tokens – Community TOTS Pack (one Community TOTS player)
3 Tokens – Eredivisie TOTS Pack (one Eredivisie TOTS player)
3 Tokens – EFL TOTS Pack (one EFL TOTS player)
3 Tokens – Saudi Pro League TOTS Pack (one Saudi Pro League TOTS player)
2 Tokens – Rare Players Pack

You can start redeeming the tokens for rewards from May 20th until May 27th. You will not be able to redeem the token after that.

TOTS Swap 1 Token Tracker :

I know how difficult it could be to look for every single token every day. You may easily miss one or two. But, if you are like me trying to grind for the maximum number of tokens then it could be a really difficult job for you.

This is why we are here. I will help you locate every single token in the game.  I will also link you to respective guides for the objectives and SBCs as well. In short, all you need to do is visit us every day to know where and how you could get the TOTS Swaps Tokens.

Token Count so far —–> 25

  • Free Token for logging in any day after 18:00 UTC from May 6th until 27th May. 
  • Objectives >TOTS Saka > Fine Feet —> guide
  • Objectives > TOTS Moments De Gea > Winner in Eight —> guide
  • Premier League TOTS  Challenge 1 SBC —> guide
  • Objectives > Premier League Cup> Win 3 —> guide
  • Objectives > TOTS Willock > Scoring Style—> guide
  • Premier League TOTS Challenge 3 SBC —>guide
  • EFL TOTS Upgrade SBC —> guide
  • Premier League TOTS Challenge 4 SBC —> guide
  • Marquee Matchups > VfB Stuttgart v 1. FC Koln —> guide
  • Bundesliga TOTS Challenge 1
  • Objectives > TOTS Grifo > Nod to the Nation —> guide
  • Objectives > Flashback Sule > Long Shot —> guide
  • Objectives > Bundesliga Cup > Win 3 —> guide
  • Objectives > TOTS Tawamba > Scoring in the Gulf —> guide
  • Bundesliga TOTS Challenge 3 SBC—> guide
  • Saudi Pro League TOTS Upgrade 
  • Bundesliga TOTS Challenge 4 SBC
  • Marquee Matchups > Nantes vs Saint-Etienne
  • La Liga TOTS Challenge 1 SBC
  • Store > La Liga Essentials Pack (100k coins or 500 points)
  • Objectives > TOTS Navas > Goals in La Liga —> guide
  • Objectives > TOTS Moments Fati > Fati’s Flicks —> guide
  • La Liga TOTS Challenge 2 SBC
  • La Liga TOTS Challenge 3 SBC

Stay tuned for all the TOTS Swap locations that would be released in the future. I would be updating this article as and when these Tokens are released.

I hope the guide was helpful. Please let us know in the comments section down below. Also, keep following FPS Index for more FIFA 22 related content. and guide.

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