FIFA 22 – Where to find ALL Winter Wildcard Swap Tokens in FUT

This guide will be about where you can find all the Winter Wildcard FUT Swap tokens. I will keep updating this guide as the tokens get released so that you do not miss any of them.

FIFA 22 – Where to find ALL Winter Wildcard Swap Token in FUT

EA has given us a busy December through all the objectives in FUT. On top of that, we have the icon swaps and the new Winter Wildcard promo. This promo not only features two teams of amazing cards but also the new Winter Wildcard Swap Tokens which we can exchange for Rewards from just like the icon swaps.

For more information about the promo, click here.

The problem with the swap token collection is that most of us do not know where to find them in the game. EA has done a great job hiding all of them in objectives we would not even realize.

So I am going to help you get all of these tokens with proper links to the guides on how you can easily get the objectives done as well. Check out the locations for the swap token below :

Winter Wildcards

Winter Wildcard Challenge SBC :

Every day at 6pm UK time, EA would launch a Winter Wildcard Challenge SBCs which will give you one token. Sometimes there might be two, so keep checking Squad Building Challenges every day.

Here is a guide to all the SBC tokens and how you can easily complete them —–> click here.

FUT Objectives / Milestones and Store :

Now this is the tricky one. Not all objectives will have the token, but some of them will. I will link you to all the token related objectives so that you can easily complete them and get your wildcards swap token.

Token Count so far25 (including store bonus)

Also remember that you will get one free card at the beginning of the promo. I guess you already have that.

If you want to know about the best rewards pick combo and whether or not you should buy the Winter Special Pack from the store , check out our detailed guide on it.

Well, there you go, this is the list where you can get your Winter Wildcard Tokens. I will keep updating this list as more tokens get released. If this guide was helpful, please comment down below in the comment section.

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