FIFA 22 – Winter Wildcard Swaps and How to Get them | FUT 22

Wondering how to get all the Winter Wildcard Swaps in FUT 22?

FIFA 22 – Winter Wildcard Swaps and How to Get them | FUT 22

The Winter Wildcard promo Team 1 is out in packs. Apart from the amazing cards this promo has to offer, we also get the new Wildcard Swaps which can be used to get rewards. I hope you all are familiar with the Icon Swaps which was launched a few days back. Basically doing objectives to earn icon swap tokens which can be later used to exchange for various types of rewards available under the Swaps section in Squad Building Challenges 

What are Winter Wildcard Swaps?

Similar to the Icon Swaps EA has introduced the Winter Wildcard Campaign. Throughout the campaign, you will be given opportunities to earn Winter Wildcard Swaps which are just like the tokens we get for Icon Swaps. Later on, you can exchange them for rewards.

How to get the Winter Wildcard Swaps?

You can get the Winter Wildcard Swaps through various SBCs (Squad Building Challenges) and Objectives. One more Winter Wildcard Swap token would be given through a pack in the FUT Store. There are 15 tokens in total. Here is what EA has to say regarding the Winter Wildcard Swaps :


You can start redeeming your rewards in exchange for tokens from the 26th of December 2021 till the 14th of January 2022. You can get the rewards as shown in the picture depending on the number of tokens you can collect during the entire campaign.

Check out the token SBCs and the Objectives. Completing the Junior Messias objectives will also give you a token. Similarly completing the Winter Wildcard Challenge SBC will give you another token.

You can also check out all the information related to this over here 

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There you go, this is how you can get the Winter Wildcard Swaps. I hope this article was helpful. Do let us know in the comment section below.

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