FIFA 23 4231 Best Meta Custom Tactics to Win Matches | FUT Formation Guide

Looking for a reliable custom tactic that you can use for a long time? Need the best 4-2-3-1 Custom Tactic in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team?

You, my friend, have come to the right place. I would be discussing the best and the most meta 4231 Custom Tactics that you could use in FUT 23 to consistently win matches.

FIFA 23 4231 Best Meta Custom Tactics to Win Matches | FUT Formation Guide

FIFA 23 is finally out on all platforms. The first thing I would say is that the game feels very different this year. It is a little slow but it feels more realistic compared to last year. In terms of visuals, the game does show a little improvement with more pitch and player model details added to the game.

FIFA Ultimate Team is the most played game mode in FIFA every year. The mode is online multiplayer where you build your team and compete with other players online. It takes a lot more than just skill to win matches in FUT.

The right formation and tactics go hand in hand with your skill. If you use the right players with the right formation with the right set of tactics half your job is already done. You can actually outplay a higher-rated team with a good enough custom tactic

Most Meta 4-2-3-1 Custom Tactics in FUT 23 :

The 4-2-3-1 is one of the most balanced formations in FIFA. It becomes the meta formation almost every year and this year too the formation does seem to work pretty well both defensively and offensively.

So if you are looking for a formation and tactics to start the match here is the best one that you could get.

Defense :

  • Keep Defensive Style as Balanced.
  • The width should be 47.
  • We are just trying to play a high line with 66 depth because it seems to work very well this year.

Offense :

  • Build Up Play should be Balanced. Just to ensure that the buildup is neither too slow nor too fast.
  • Chance Creation should be Direct Passing. Seems to be working very well this year. Especially if you have pace on the striker.
  • 54 Width seems to work fine offensively. You might try to make it wider with 60 width. It will also work properly.
  • Players in Box should be 6.
  • Corners and Freekicks should be 2 each.

Best Player Instructions for the 4231 in FUT 23 :

Player Instructions matter a lot in this formation. Here is how I instruct my players in the 4231 :

  • Back 4 on Stay Back While Attacking.
  • More defensive CDM will be on Stay Back While Attacking and Cover Center. More offensive CDM or the box-to-box midfielder should be on all Balanced and Cover Center.
  • CAM should be on Stay Forward and Free Roam. You can also use Stick to Position but Free Roam works very well this year.
  • LAM and RAM should be on Come Back on Defense only.
  • The striker should be on Stay Forward and Get In Behind. Make sure the pace is high on the Striker. Or else just use Balanced.

How to Play the 4231 in FUT 23 :

The 4-2-3-1 like I said before is a very balanced tactics. It gives your team a good shape defensively while giving you width and options in offense. If you are trying to play the 4231 you need to be patient. Play the ball around. Wait for the moment when your striker makes a run or gets into position.

So basically you have to avoid passing the ball immediately to the striker. If you involve him too much in the build-up he won’t make those runs. You can try to make manual runs with him so pull the defenders into the box giving the CAM a bit of pace.

Free Roam on the CAM means he might drift wide or stay central depending on the situation. Sometimes the CAM makes a wide run into the box which can be super useful if you could lob it to him at the right time.

Through balls to the striker will be your meta and that is why you need a fast striker. Someone who could outrun the defenders in a ball chase.

Apart from that, be patient and build up slowly. Avoid risky passes.  This is a formation you could start with and play throughout the game. If you go a goal down then just increase the Depth to 70 and change the Defensive style to Pressure on Possession Loss. Then Change the RAM and LAM to Stay Forward.

I hope the guide was helpful. Please, let us know in the comments section down below. Also, follow FPS Index for more FIFA 23-related guides throughout the year.

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