FIFA 23 433(2) Best Meta Custom Tactics in FUT | Formation Guide

Looking for an overpowered 4-3-3(2) Custom Tactics in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team ?

In this guide I will be showing you the best 433(2) custom tactics that you could use in FUT 23 this year.

FIFA 23 433(2) Best Meta Custom Tactics in FUT | Formation Guide

FIFA 23 Ultimate Team is super competitive this year. The fact that mediocre players are so inconsistent in the game this year makes it all the more difficult to cope with the competition this year. Which is why you need a proper custom tactics to edge thing in your favor a little bit.

The 4-3-3 (2) is a very defensive variant of the regular 4-3-3.  It seems like EA has focused more on defending and passing more than anything else this year.  Having a proper defensive custom tactic which could also help you offensively is so important.

The 4-3-3(2) is the perfect formation for that. It gives your team defensive stability as well as give you the width to create more chances offensively on the counter as well.

4-3-3(2) Formation Custom Tactics :

Here is the custom tactics that you should use with the 433(2) :

Defense :

  • Defensive Style should be Balanced 
  • Width should be 48 and Depth should be 65

Offense :

  • Long Ball is the best build up style for this formation.
  • Chance Creation should be Balanced. 
  • Width should be 57 and Players in the box should be 3 only.
  • Corners and Free Kicks should be 1 each.

Player Instructions for the 433 (2) Formation :

Here is the best player instructions to use with the 433 if you want defensive play.

  • Back 4 on Stay Back While Attacking
  • CDM should be on Stay Back While Attacking and Cover Center.
  • More defensive CM should be on Stay Back While Attacking and Cover Center.
  • The other CM should be a player who is quick and has great passing like Bernardo Silva. Put him on Balanced and Cover Center.
  • LW and RW should be on Stay Forward and Stay Wide.
  • ST should be on Stay Central only.

How to play the 4-3-3(2) in FUT 23 :

The best way to play the 4-3-3(2) is to be patient and work the ball around as much as you can. Try not to only play through the center. Instead try the long balls to the wingers.

One of the most effective way to score would be to pass the ball to the winger. When he reaches the edge of the box do a roll roll and go for an outside foot shot. Make sure that you have a right footed player on the right side and a left footed player on the left side.

You need to use the width of the formation to your advantage. Stop trying to pass the ball to the striker the moment you get it. This basically ruins your striker’s positioning. Since this formation does not have a CAM or a second ST you need to be very careful about your striker’s movements.

Crossing the ball would also work pretty well with this formation.

There you go, that is the best custom tactics for the 4-3-3(2) formation in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team.

I hope the guide was helpful. Please, let us know in the comments section down below. Also follow FPS Index for more FIFA 23 related guides through the year.

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