FIFA 23 88+ Mid or World Cup Icon Upgrade SBC Cheapest Solution or Squad

Here is how you can complete the new 88+ Mid or FIFA World Cup Icon Upgrade SBC at the cheapest in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team.

FIFA 23 88+ Mid or World Cup Icon Upgrade SBC Cheapest Solution or Squad

While we were all busy watching Argentina lift the World Cup for the third time, EA dropped an icon SBC. This time you are guaranteed an 88+ Mid or World Cup Icon from the SBC.

Icons are not really preferred this year. Apart from a few most of the icons are just not good enough in the game. It is true, to be honest, but I still enjoy using the players I grew up watching.  However, if you ask me if the SBC is worth it, I would simply answer yes.

It is not as costly as I thought it would be and there is a good chance that you could pull out a card worth higher than the SBC price.

88+ Mid or World Cup Icon Upgrade SBC Cheapest Method:

You only need to submit 2 squads for this SBC.

85-rated squad:

  • All you need is an 85-rated squad or higher.

Here is the cheapest 85-rated squad you could build

Squad Price:

Consoles  PC
68,750  67,350

87-rated squad:

  • All you need is an 87-rated squad or higher.

This is the cheapest 87-rated squad.

Squad Price:

Consoles  PC
181,150  173,200

Overall SBC Price (Cheapest):

Consoles  PC
249,900 240,550

Surprisingly, the value of the SBC on the PC is cheaper than the consoles. This proves how unstable the market is this year. The price of the SBC is calculated by summing up the lowest prices of the players used. This normally keeps changing but I can assure you that the changes would not be so drastic. However, at the time of publishing this guide, this would be the cheapest way in which you complete the SBC.

If you want to reduce the price further, use all the untradeable cards in your club first and then buy the players you need. If you have done the Ronaldo Flashback SBC, then chances are you might be out of fodder. Feel free to copy the squad I have shown if that is the case.

I would not call this SBC too expensive, and neither is it too cheap. But, I would recommend completing it if you like me, love playing with icons.

I hope the guide was helpful. Please let us know in the comments section down below. Also, keep following FPS Index for more guides on FIFA 23.

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