FIFA 23 352 Attacking Custom Tactics to Win Matches in FUT

Need a good attacking custom tactic for the 3-5-2 formation? Need more variations in your attack to dominate your opponent offensively?

In this guide, we will be discussing the 352 formations in FIFA 23 Ultimate and how it could help you win matches.

FIFA 23 Best 352 Attacking Custom Tactics to Win Matches in FUT

FIFA Ultimate is super competitive as it is the most played multiplayer mode every year. People who have just started with FUT would know about the struggle while people who had already played FUT for a few years now would know how stressful it can get at times.

This year’s FIFA is a little different than the rest. I feel there are certain players who perform ridiculously well even with low stats. Basically, the players who fit the meta more are more enjoyable and effective in-game. This year’s player meta would be dribbling, agility, and balance.

The pace is not so much of a big deal this year but it is good if the player could sprint past a defender. I would rather select acceleration over sprint speed for the quick bursts.

When it comes to formation the 4231 and the 442 fits right there at the top in the best formations list this year.  The 3-5-2, however, is not as effective as last year but if you use the right custom tactics you could see how overpowered the formation could be.

Meta 3-5-2 Formation Custom Tactics in FUT 23 :

Here is the Custom Tactics that I am using with the 3-5-2.

Defense :

  • The Defensive Style should be Balanced. Any pressure tactics would be too risky for this formation this year.
  • The width should be 52. Do not go below 50 as the center backs would stick close to each other opening up the wings for easy counters.
  • The depth should be 60. We do not want to stay too close to the goal or go too high up the pitch. 60 feels perfect.

Offense :

  • Build Up Play should be Long Ball. I have tried Balanced and Fast Build Up but Long Ball seems to work the best with this formation.
  • Chance Creation should be Balanced. Allows you to pick your passes as the players do not go running forward like crazy.
  • The width should be 60 and Players in the Box should be 5-6.
  • Free Kicks and Corners should be 2 each.

If you are down by a goal you can apply pressure by Team Press or Change to Pressure After Possession Loss defensive Style. You can also switch from 5 players in the box to 7 or 8 to put more pressure on the defenders.

Player Instructions for the 3-5-2 Formation :

Use these player instructions to get the best out of this formation.

  • Back 3 should be on Stay Back While Attacking
  • More defensive CDM on Stay Back While Attacking only and more offensive CDM on Balanced. Have Cover Wing for both since we need them to defend the wings at times since it is a 3 back formation.
  • LM and RM on Come Back on Defense, Stay Wide, and Get In Behind.
  • CAM on Stay Forward and Get Into the Box for Cross
  • Both strikers on Stay Forward and Stay Central. The one that has more pace will be on Get in Behind.

How to Play the 3-5-2 Formation in FUT :

Playing the 3-5-2 could be a little tricky. If you are new to the game and you are trying out new formations then this could be a little advanced for you. Since you have only 3 defenders you need to be very cautious while defending.

You cannot charge your CBs out and expect to win the ball every time. You do not have fullbacks to cover the wings so when your CB moves to the wing to stop the opponent’s winger, you need to make sure you win the ball, or else it will be an easy goal for them.

In offense, the strikers and CAM do not play the main role when it comes to chance creation. It is your LM and RM who will be making those overlapping runs like the fullbacks which could help you create easy chances to score. So look out for the runs taken by your LM and RM.

We also have them on Come Back on Defense so they will run out of stamina within 60 minutes. Keep good fullbacks or side midfielders on your bench so that you can sub them in.

80% of your attack will be built through your LM and RM in the game. so try not to stick too much to the center. Lob the ball to the LM and RM whenever you see them get free or make a run down the wing.

There you go, that is the best custom tactics for the 3-5-2  formation this year in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team.

I hope the guide was helpful. Please, let us know in the comments section down below. Also, follow FPS Index for more FIFA 23-related guides throughout the year.

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