FIFA 23 Best 451 Custom Tactics

Looking for the best 4-5-1 Custom Tactics for FIFA 23 Ultimate Team? I have just the right guide for you.

Read this article to know what could possibly be the best tactics to use with the 4-5-1 formation this year in FUT.

FIFA 23 Best 451 Custom Tactics

The 4-5-1 formation is the best formation you could use in terms of links. That is what it had been all about in previous FIFAs. However this year things are very different.

This formation was never used in any pro matches or even online in FUT. The main reason is that the player AI in this formation was never good. Both the side midfielders and the CAMs use to push to the sidelines and stood there creating a huge gap in the center.

Due to this, the formation became extremely weak defensively and also offensively. I thought EA might not have fixed it this year as well, but to my surprise, the players moved quite well with this formation. They did move to the sidelines but not as much as the previous years.

In other words, this is now a playable formation in FUT and with the right set of tactics could easily be one of the best ones for the offense.

Custom Tactics for the 4-5-1 Formation in FUT 23:

This formation is very weak defensively. So you need to be very careful while defending. You could easily be caught on counters and end up conceding. Therefore we would try to keep it safe.

Defense :

  • The Defensive Style should be Balanced.
  • The width should be 45
  • Depth should be 51. If you go too high with this formation you will be easily countered.

Offense :

  • Build Up Play should be Balanced. This is the only way you stop the players from frequently running toward the sidelines.
  • Keep Chance creation also on Balanced. 
  • The width should be 58 (I have checked with low width. The CAMs get crowded in the center and you won’t be able to distribute the ball) and the players in the box should be 6. We do not want to over-commit.

Player Instructions for the 4-5-1 :

Use these instructions :

  • Keep back 4 on Stay Back While Attacking.
  • Keep the CM on Stay Back while Attacking and Cover Center.
  • LM, RM, CAM, and RAM should be on Balanced.
  • ST should be on Stay Central only.

How to play the 4-5-1 Formation in FUT 23 :

This formation is pretty good for wing play. Try to run toward the goal from the wing. When you are close to the goal line just do a cutback pass and score. It is a bit sweaty but why not. It is not like your opponent would not do it.

The players would be spreading out and moving toward the sidelines. Not as often as before but sometimes they will. This is where you need to pass to the wings and look for a through ball to the CAM for an open run.

Do not try to play too fast or too slow. You just need to adapt to the movement of your players. This formation is not the most effective for beginners. However, if you are experienced with FIFA you will be able to cope with the player movement pretty easily. Once you do that, then this could be a really good offensive formation.

Try not to use this formation when defending a lead.

I hope the guide was helpful. Please, let us know in the comments section down below. Also, follow FPS Index for more FIFA 23 related guides throughout the year.

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