FIFA 23 Best Camera and Controller Settings | Game Settings

Trying to figure out what could be the best Camera and Controller and Game Settings for FIFA 23? Well, you have come to the right place.

This guide will help you understand what is the best game settings and camera angle that you can use for both Online and Offline gameplay and also how the settings can affect your play style.

FIFA 23 Best Camera and Controller Settings | Game Settings

FIFA 23 is finally out on all platforms. The game does show a little bit of visual improvement over last year’s version but the gameplay does show a lot of changes. There are a lot more features available this year that could possibly improve the overall gameplay.

However, there are a lot of aspects that determine how good your gameplay would be. This includes your connection, your level of experience with FIFA, and the settings that you use.

Now if you are quite experienced with FIFA then you would not have problems trying to get the ideal settings that you should use in offline and online modes. But for people who are new, it could be very challenging. Which is why we are here.

Best Camera Settings for FUT 23 :

FIFA 23 Ultimate team commonly known as FUT is perhaps the most played game mode in FIFA every year. It is super competitive and this is why having the right camera angle matters a lot. Some camera angles are pretty close while some are just too far away. You need that sweet spot which is what we are about to discuss :

In order to change the camera go to Customize >Settings > Game Settings

On the tabs above select Camera 

Check out this camera setup :

  • Co-op
  • Camera height 11
  • Camera Zoom 7

This gives me the right amount of zoom and height for my camera. It is not too high and not too zoomed out. Just the right amount for me to execute long through balls and spot player runs.

You can change it to Tele Broadcast with Height 9 and Zoom 7 to get a more closer angle to dribble better. The closer you zoom the faster the game feels. This helps you dribble better since you could see your player close up and perform the correct dribble moves calculating the distance between the attacker and the defender.

However, for the ones who love to pass more and spot those runs for long through balls, you may want to use a camera that shows you most of the pitch. The one I have used is pretty good for this type of gameplay.

Best Controller or Game Settings for FUT 23 :

Now that we are done with the Camera, here is the best controller settings that you would like to have in online gameplay.

  • Competitive Master Switch: On (In FUT this is on by default so you have to deal with it. You cannot change it)
  • Through Pass Assistance: Semi
  • FIFA Trainer: Hide (Very distracting when you select Show)
  • Timed Finishing: On (keep it on for timing your shots by double tapping the shoot button with the right timing.)
  • Next Player Switch Indicator: On (shows which player you will switch to next)
  • Pass Block Assistance: On
  • Auto Switching: Air Balls and Loose Balls (The game will switch to the closest player to the ball when it is in the air or loose, so that you can easily get it back)
  • Auto Switching Move Assistance: Low ( This will make sure your defenders keep moving in the direction they were initially moving before you started controlling them by a little bit. Keep it low because you do not want your defender to suddenly stop and lose the acceleration when you switch to them)
  • Clearance Assistance: Directional
  • Player Lock: On
  • Icon Switching: On
  • Right Stick Switching Reference: Player Relative (Keeping the player you control as the center. Ball relative is when you keep the ball as the center which is not that good as the ball keeps moving and the switching gets messed up)
  • Ground Pass Assistance: Assisted
  • Cross Assistance: Assisted
  • Shot Assistance: Assisted
  • Lob Pass Assistance: Assisted
  • Lobbed Through Pass: Semi
  • Save Assistance: Assisted
  • Analog Sprint: Off ( The further you push the analog the faster the player sprints. I would not recommend this. Keep it off)
  • Player Receiver Lock: Power Up (This is locking the pass receiver the moment the power bar is filled on the pass making it really fast. I personally prefer a faster pass lock so that I can move the player toward the ball if necessary.)

There you go, the best Camera and Controller/ Game Settings for FIFA 23 Ultimate Team.

I hope the guide was helpful. Please, let us know in the comments section down below. Also, follow FPS Index for more FIFA 23 related guides throughout the year.

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