FIFA 23 Best Looking Kits in FUT | Jersey

Are you looking for the most beautiful kits out there that you could use for your club in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team?  Well, in this article we have got some amazing kits that you could try on if they look good enough for you.

FIFA 23 Best Looking Kits in FUT | Jersey

FIFA 23 Ultimate is perhaps the most played FIFA game mode ever. This is one mode where there is no way you could get bored since there are so many things to do. I love football and the fact that I could make my own team and play against others online is super thrilling.

The Ultimate team is not just about stressing about matches. FIFA introduced the concept of customized stadiums last year which really gives you that vibe when you play in a stadium that you designed on your own. Even the Kits you wear add to the feel of the game.

For example, I would love to put on a Brazilian kit when I used R9 in my squad. So there is no doubt that having a good kit makes you more excited about your club. So much you tend to enjoy the matches more.  Just a little bit towards relieving the stress that we get from Ultimate Team.

Good Looking KITS in FUT 23 :

Okay, there are a lot of kits in FUT 23. So checking each one of them out individually wasn’t possible. However, I did put spend some time checking out which kits looked the best in game. And I have prepared a list for you.

Stade Rennais FC (Ligue 1 France) :

I love the Red and Black combination of this Kit. Stade Rennais always have a good kit and the best thing is that they are cheap.

Tromso IL (Eliteserien, Norway) :

The Black fading into the green is what makes this kit looks stunning. Try it out you won’t regret it.

Celtic (cinch Prem SPFL, Scotland) :

The Celtics third kit is light and amazing to look at. Grey kits look so good this year. I would recommend trying this out.

Columbus Crew ( MLS , USA ) :

White with grey, yellow and black, the perfect combination for a light-colored kit. A must-try.

Liverpool (EPL, England) :

The Liverpool Away kit is pretty good, to be honest. A lot of you may disagree but there is something about this kit that makes me like it so much.

Brisbane Roar  (A-League , Australia) :

The Brisbane Roar kit from the Australian league is a masterpiece. Orange and Black are a great combination to work it. Try it on and see for yourself.

Athletico de Madrid ( La Liga, Spain) :

Not the home but the away kit for Athletico Madrid this year is pretty sick.

Borussia Dortmund (Bundesliga, Germany) :

Imagine doing a best kits article and not putting the Dortmund kit on the list. Yes, this club has the best kit almost every year.

Manchester United ( EPL, England) :

The Man Utd Away kit this year looks pretty simple yet gorgeous.

Real Madrid (La Liga, Spain) :

The Real Madrid Away Kit this year is one of the best ones I have used so far. This kit is cheap and the color is so unique. You must try this kit out.

Honestly, if I try to post all the amazing kits over here in this list, it would become never-ending for sure. There are so many beautiful kits this year that it is literally impossible to choose from them.  The PSG kit, the Real Madrid home kit,  Kaizer Chiefs from the South African league are some of the honorable mentions. Also, the international kits are a good way to hype yourself during the world cup.

Well, that would be it on the best kits in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team that you should definitely try out.

I hope the guide was helpful. Please, let us know in the comments section down below. Also, follow FPS Index for more FIFA 23 related guides throughout the year.

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