FIFA 23 Best Most Meta 5212 Formation Custom Tactics

Need a really good formation that would help you defend as well as attack in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team? We are hereto talk about one of the most overpowered formations this year.

Yes, the 5-2-1-2 formation is really good this year and if you are looking for the best custom tactics for this, then you have come to the right place.

FIFA 23 Best Most Meta 5212 Formation Custom Tactics

Every year in FIFA 23 Ultimate we discover formations that break the game.  The 3-5-2 last year and this year it’s the formations with 5 defenders.

Well, the point is this year defenders are really overpowered with the lengthy acceleration helping them catch up to anyone in the game.  The defensive AI works well and this is what people are making use of.

I personally do not like the park the bus strategies. You must be thinking that 5 defenders would obviously mean I am looking for parking the buses. But it s not the case. Actually, the 5-2-1-2 is more attack-oriented depth than defense.

5-2-1-2 Custom Tactics in FUT 23 :

Use these custom tactics for the 5-2-1-2 formation in FUT :

Defense : 

  • The defensive Style should be Balanced. This is a formation where we avoid high pressure.
  • The Width should be 46 and the Depth should be 51.

Offense :

  • This year  Balanced is the best Build Up Play. So we keep it that way.
  • For Chance Creation, we are using Direct Passing.
  • The width should be 46 and the Players in the box should be 6.

Player Instructions for the 5-2-1-2 Formation :

Use this set of instructions with this formation :

  • All 3 CBs should be on Stay Back While Attacking.
  • LWB and RWB should be on Join Attack and Overlap 
  • Both CMs should be on Cover Wing. The more defensive player should be on Stay Back While Attacking and the more offensive CM should be on Balanced.
  • CAM should be on Stay Forward. We need to save stamina.
  • One Striker should be on Balanced and Stay Central.
  • The other Striker should be on Stay Forward and Get In Behind only.

How to Play the 5-2-1-2 Formation in FUT 23 :

Like I said before, I don’t particularly appreciate parking the bus. The 5-2-1-2 could be one of the best formations to use if you know exactly how to use it.

The main focus of your attack will be the wing-backs. They will be making overlapping runs to give you the width and free space to cross or cut back. The less depth on the formation would be to make the opposition push more toward our half.

We have 5 defenders and 2 CMs who are defending. Stay patient and do not rush out your CBs to tackle. Once you win the ball start building from the center of the pitch. Do not pass to the fullbacks unless they are making the overlapping runs.

When you see them making that run, lob the ball to them and you would have so much free space in front of you. It will be extremely easy to play your attack from here on. You could cross, you could run towards the goal diagonally, and then cut back and shoot. You could even pull the trigger with your wing back if you want. Whatever works for you.

That would be your key offensive focus with this formation. For defense, you just need to be patient and control one  CM as much as possible. Do not charge with wingbacks or CBs. When you want to defend a lead and you have just 10 minutes left. Try putting the wing backs on Stay Back instructions.

Make sure you have another set of wing-backs on the bench. The ones who are starting are bound to lose all their stamina by the 65th minute. So sub them out and get a pair of fresh legs on to continue dominating the wings.

I hope the guide was helpful. Please let us know in the comments section down below. Also, follow our website FPS Index for more guides on FIFA 23 throughout the year.

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