FIFA 23 How to do Assist Mastery FAST | 500 Assists

This guide will help you complete the Assist Mastery Objectives under Milestones as quickly as possible in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team FUT.

FIFA 23 How to do Assist Mastery FAST | 500 Assists

FIFA 23 is pretty good so far. I am loving the gameplay and I feel it is an improvement over last year. The dribbling feels so different and the passing feels better than last year. Even goalkeepers appear to be properly balanced in the game.

It has been a few days since the release of the first set of objectives and milestones from EA in the FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. Some of them might take a while and some of them are easy to complete giving you really good player packs. We know how important these player packs could be.

The Assist Mastery is one of those objectives which might appear to be lengthy but trust me you can finish it in a day or two. This is why we are here :

Complete Assist Mastery Milestone Objectives FAST in FUT 23 :

We are going to be discussing how you could easily complete the objectives under Assist Mastery to get the Jumbo Rare Players pack. All the objectives could be completed in any FUT game mode like Division Rivals, Squad Battles, or FUT Champions.

25 Golden Passes: Well, you need to get 25 total assists with any type of gold card. It could be either common or rare.

Assist in 10: You need to get an assist with 75+ rated players in 10 separate matches. win or loss does not count as long as you have an assist with a player rated 75 or more than that. Make sure your attackers are all 75 or over that rating.

25 Midfield Passes: You need to assist a total of 25 goals with midfielders. They include CDM, CM, CAM, RM, and LM.  The position on the card needs to be any one of these to be counted as a midfielder. Play the LM and RM as strikers. You can also sub in a ST for a CAM or LM, or RM to get more assists.

50 Through Balls: You need to assist with a through ball in 50 separate matches in any FUT game mode. It could be Rivals, Squad battles, or FUT Champs.

100 Midfield Passes: You need to get a total of 100 assists with midfielders who are rated 75 or higher.

200 Golden Passes: Well, you need to get 200 total assists with any type of gold player. It could be either common or rare.

500 assists: You have to get a total of 500 assists with a squad rated 75 or above.

How to do 500 Assists Quickly?

You must be wondering if it would take forever to get 500 total assists and by the time you get it done you would already have a good team and the rewards won’t matter so much. Well, let me tell you that you are wrong.

You can easily complete 500 total assists in a day or two. It won’t take you more than that. This is how you can do it :

  • Build a squad with a team rating of 75 or higher.
  • To increase rating use high-rated loan cards as substitutes but don’t use them in-game.
  • Now go to Squad Battles.
  • Start playing on Amateur Difficulty.
  • Use a two-striker formation like 442 or 41212 or 4222
  • All you need to do is walk past the defense and when you get close to the goalkeeper just pass to the second striker for an easy goal.
  • You would get an assist and a goal.
  • If you do it correctly you could easily get 35 goals a game or even more than that.
  • Keep repeating until you get 500 assists.
  • It will take you a day or two to get it done.

There you go, that is how you can get Assist Mastery 500 Assists done easily. You would be getting a Jumbo Rare Players Pack if you complete it. That would be your chance to pull a high-rated player from the pack that you could use in your squad in the future.

I hope the guide was useful. Do let us know in the comment section below. And also follow FPS Index for more guides related to FIFA 23.

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