FIFA 23- How to do Path to Glory Cup Objectives FAST

This guide will help you complete the new Path To Glory Cup Objectives quickly in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. 

FIFA 23- How to do Path to Glory Cup Objectives FAST

It is Friday and we finally have the Path To Glory Team 2.  The team looks super good. We have some excellent Premier League players this time.

Apart from that, we also have the World Cup Heroes Team 2. Some of the cards are ridiculously expensive but considering the stats and the change in meta I am not surprised at all.

However, let’s talk about the new Path to Glory Cup that EA dropped today. The ones who played FUT 22, would know about the cup-based objectives we used to have last year. These objectives are amazing when it comes to rewards.

This is the first cup-based objective set that we got this year and the rewards look incredible. I recommend everyone go ahead and complete the objectives. It is not every day that you get such great rewards just for grinding.

How to Enter Path to Glory Cup FUT Friendly Mode:

Normally when we have cup-based objectives we get a dedicated friendly mode. It is the same this time as well. We have got a dedicated friendly mode where you can play all your matches. Let us discuss the team requirements for the mode.

  • Your Entire Starting 11 should have only World Cup Players. You can have gold and other special cards on the bench, but not in the starting 11.
  • You cannot use players from more than 3 countries in your starting 11 and bench combined.
  • You cannot use any loan player in the starting 11 or on the bench.

Path To Glory Cup Objectives Guide for Easy Wins:

Normally for cup-based objectives, we used to have the Golden Goal rule last year. However, this time it is the “Classic Match” rules or basically normal football game rules.

You can only play 4 games per day for 7 days. This makes it a total of 28 matches. You need to win 10 matches out of these 28 to get the ultimate reward for the objective. It sounds easy but trust me, it is easier said than done.

Here are some tips that could help you get easy wins:

  • Play when your connection is right. Try a Rivals game, if you have fast gameplay then go ahead and try out the PTG Cup mode. Or else just don’t bother playing.
  • Use the best tactics for your squad. If you need good custom tactics, check out our guides. We have the best custom tactics for all meta formations in FIFA 23.
  • If you match up against a good player and you get beaten in the game. Wait, do not search immediately. Chances are you would match up against the same opponent.
  • Play every day since you have limited matches. Missing out one day would mean you are missing out on 4 matches.
  • Do not play late at night. My experience tells me that all the pro players normally play late at night. More casual players play during the evening and the daytime. This is just based on my experience. When I played FUT Champs or Rivals late at night, most of my opponents would be super good players. Matches would become so difficult to win.
  • Use Brazilian and French players in your World Cup squad. We all know how good the Brazilians and French players are this year. Actually, they are good every year. If you have better players from other countries feel free to use them.
  • Keep your best gold or special players from the same nationalities on the bench. You can sub them after minute 1 or maybe later on in the game to make things easier.

There you go, that is all you need to know about how you can easily get wins in Path to Glory Cup Objectives.

I hope the guide was helpful. Please let us know in the comments section down below. Also, follow FPS Index for more FIFA 23 guides.

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