FIFA 23 Max 86 Base Icon Upgrade SBC Cheapest Solution

Looking for an easy way to get an icon card?

Here is the guide to the new Max. 86 bae or Baby Icon Upgrade in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team which would help you complete the SBC at the cheapest cost.

FIFA 23 Max 86 Base Icon Upgrade SBC Cheapest Solution

We have the first-ever Icon SBCs in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. I was waiting for this and if you ask me it is not that bad an SBC. I thought earlier that the SBC would be overpriced but surprisingly it is not.

Even though you would not get an Icon card above 86 overall but there are so many icons that are really good at that rating.

In fact most of the icons are still highly priced in the market and completing this SBC could be a huge win.

For example, icons like Torres, Crespo, Ferdinand, Petit, and Zambrotta are super good. These are just to name a few. There are others who are equally good as well.

Max 86 Base Icon Upgrade SBC Cheapest method or way to complete :

You just need two squads to complete the SBC. Here are the two cheapest squads that you can submit for this SBC.

Squad 1 – 84 rated squad :

  • As the name says you would have to submit an 84 or higher-rated squad.

This is the cheapest 84 rated squad that you can submit.

Consoles ( PS and Xbox) PC
24,150 c 23,400c

Squad 2 – 86 rated squad :

  • You just need to submit a squad that is 86 rated or higher.

This is the lowest-priced 86 rated squad that you can use.

Consoles ( PS and Xbox) PC
104,500  109,000 

Now let us calculate the total cost of the SBC :

Consoles ( PS and Xbox) PC
128,650  132,400 

This is the lowest cost at which you could complete the SBC as of now. You have to understand that player prices keep changing. Therefore at the time of publishing this guide, this was the cheapest squad that you could build for this particular SBC.

Like I said before, this SBC is way too cheap. Over 90% of the Baby or Base Icons are priced over 130k in the market. There is actually very less chance of you picking up an icon that is worth less than 130k.

However, the only downside is that might be an icon from a nationality you do not require. But still, it is an icon nonetheless and I guess it is still worth the coins.

I would recommend using up the untradeable cards in the club first if you want to save coins. Then you go buy the remaining players.

In case you are out of fodder and you need a cheap squad to build, feel free to use the one that I have shown above.

I hope the guide was helpful. Please let us know in the comments section down below. Also, follow our website FPS Index for more guides on FIFA 23 throughout the year.

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