FIFA 23 Max 87 FUT Hero Upgrade SBC Cheapest Solution

Do you need the cheapest squad you could submit for the new Max 87 FUT Hero Upgrade SBC in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team?

Well, then you have come to the right place. This guide will help you complete this SBC at the lowest possible price.

FIFA 23 Max 87 FUT Hero Upgrade SBC Cheapest Solution

We had the Icon SBC a few days back and now EA finally drops the FUT Hero SBC.

Although you would not get a Hero card that is rated more than 87, still I would say this SBC is super good considering the fact that there are so many usable 87 or lower rated Heroes.

The FUT Heroes this year are much better compared to the icons when it comes to links. The icons only link double with Nationality while the Heroes do the same with players from the same Leagues.

Getting a double-point chemistry based on the same league is much more useful than nations. Which is why Hero cards are in high demand this year.

Cheapest Method or Squad for Max 87 FUT Hero Upgrade SBC in FUT 23 :

Surprisingly, we just need to submit one squad for the Hero SBC. Here is the cheapest one you could build along with the requirements.

  • You need at least 1 or more Inform players in the squad
  • You need to build an 85 or higher rated squad.

This is the cheapest squad that you could build at the time of publishing this guide. Check out the price of this squad below.

Consoles (PlayStation and Xbox) PC
70,750  80,150

PC is a little more expensive than the consoles since the market on PC is separate, while both consoles have a single transfer market.

If you ask me this SBC is a super win. There are only 12 to 13 FUT Hero cards which are lower than the value of this SBC. You won’t unpack any of those unless you are too unlucky. But, the chance of you packing a good Hero card is a lot more.

You can further reduce the cost of the SBC by using all the Untradeables in the club since you will never be able to make a profit out of them. However, if you are out of fodder and looking for the cheapest squad you could build for this SBC, then go ahead and copy the one which I have shown.

This SBC is a win for all and I would recommend every user who is reading this guide to ahead and do complete the SBC no matter what.

I hope the guide was helpful. Please let us know in the comments section down below. Also, follow FPS Index for more content and guides related to FIFA 23.

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