FIFA 23 – FUT New Team Chemistry Explained | How it Works

This guide will help you understand the new Team Chemistry system of FIFA 23 Ultimate Team.

FIFA 23 – FUT New Team Chemistry Explained | How it Works

FIFA 23 sounds incredible so far, especially the Ultimate Team which is by far the most played FIFA game mode. Once you get used to the Ultimate Team, I know users who keep playing the mode literally the entire day.

It is so addictive and there is so much to do that you never really hit a dead end. New promos every week, daily content, FUT Champs, Rivals, Squad Battles, Drafts and so much more. We also have a new addition to the Ultimate Team mode called FUT Moments which I feel will also be interesting.

However, there is a huge change regarding Team Chemistry in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team this year. Well, EA claims it to be “easier than ever to build your dream squad”. Although initially, the chemistry system could appear to be a bit confusing once you understand the concept it will be easier for you to build the squads you want.

Understanding the New Team Chemistry System in FUT 23 :

Team Chemistry has been completely redefined. There are no longer chemistry lines between players anymore. Instead, you would get 3 chemistry points which would be the maximum you can get for each player in the squad.

According to EA : 

“In changing the Chemistry system in Ultimate Team, we wanted to achieve some key goals:

  • Increase squad variety and allow for a wider range of player selections, enabling more diverse team compositions by removing the barriers created by positional links.
  • More intuitive mechanics in key areas to make squad building easier, making it more authentic and more rewarding.
  • Remove common pain points such as lowered player Attributes caused by low Chemistry, or the calculus of Squad and Player Chemistry, a design that was often not intuitive to new players.

Before we dig into the details of the new system, there are some key changes that impact the system as a whole:

  • We’ve completely removed the negative impact on Attributes caused by low Chemistry, so players will always play with at least their Item’s Attributes, with Chemistry being additive.
  • We have removed overall Squad Chemistry, so you only need to focus on building the maximum Chemistry for each individual player.
  • Positional links have been completely removed, and your Players can now link, and impact the Chemistry of Players in the Starting XI, regardless of their position on the pitch.
  • The Loyalty system has been removed.”

Well, since there would not be any negative chemistry you could use players out of their positions but the only downside to this would be that the player would not be able to gain anymore chemistry points. He could help others get Chemistry points but he would stay on 0 chemistry which means he would be playing on base card stats.

Remember and Memorize this Table in order to Understand the new Chemistry System :

You need to know that this year you do not have to depend on positional links for the players. Every player can link to every player in the team. So a LB can link with a RB and ST can link with a CB. So if you have Mbappe at Striker, he would gain chemistry if you play Marquinhos in CB. As long as you have players from the same league, club and nation in the squad you can gain chemistry.

Chemistry 1 Chem 2 Chem 3 Chem

X= Players

  • So if you have 2 players from the same club they will both get 1 chemistry point each.
  • Now if you add 1 more player from the same league you would have two players from the same club (which means the same league as well), and 1 more from the same league which makes it 3 from the same league and gives you 1 more chemistry point.
  • For example, you have Robertson, Arnold, and Ronaldo on the same team. Then Arnold and Robertson would have 1 chem point for being in the same club and 1 because there are 3 EPL players in the squad. So Arnold and Robertson would have 2 chem points now while Ronaldo would have only 1 (for him only 3 players from the same league are working).
  • Throw in 2 Portuguese players anywhere in the starting 11 and Ronaldo would have 1 more chemistry point making his move up to 2 chem. The 2 Portuguese would have only 1 chem point.
  • So the main intention behind this would that you do not have to link your CB to a CDM or a full back. You can link your CB to an ST as well. This gives you more room for experimenting.

The main motive is to encourage building hybrid squads. With the new chemistry system, you would be able to build pretty good hybrid squads. Make sure you are meeting the requirements for all 3 (club, league, and nation) to be able to easily get players on full chem.

Heroes and Icon Cards with the new Chemistry System :

Previously an Icon card would give you a regular link with anyone and a green link with icons and players from the same country as the icon. Hero cards were introduced last year and they gave a green link to all players from the same league and a regular link to players from the same country.

However, things are different now. Each Icon card would count as 2 players from the same nation as the icon and each Hero card would count as 2 players from the same league as the hero.

They will themselves play at 3 chemistry as long as you play them in any one of their preferred positions. Let’s say we have Wayne Rooney in the squad :

  • We have Rooney and now we add Arnold to the squad. Both are English players and we need 3 players from the same country to get the 1st chem point for Arnold.
  • Now Rooney would count as 2 players from the same Nation so Arnold will already get his chem since Rooney counts as two English players.
  • Now if you throw in a Premier League Hero card in the squad, let’s say, Robby Keane, you will now have Arnold from the PL and Joe Cole who would count as 2 PL players. This makes a total of 3 PL players so we get another chem point for Arnold.
  • At this point, we only have added 3 players to the squad and we already have 2 chem on Arnold (the other two being icon and hero). Now add Salah to the squad. Arnold gets his 3rd chem since Salah is from the PL.
  • Salah gets his 1st chem since Arnold is there on the Team. He gets his second chem since Joe Cole is there on the team (3 players from the same league). You need to add two more EPL players anywhere in the squad for Salah to get his final chemistry.

Positions and Position Modifiers :

A player could only gain chemistry when you play them in their preferred position.  Position Modifiers like last year would no longer be there in the game. You would no longer be able to put an ST down to CDM for chemistry.

However, almost every player will have an alternate position. For example, your ST may have an alternate position in LW. For example, Mbappe would have an alternate position of CF or LW. You can use a Position Modifier card to re-position this card as either a CF or an LW. You cannot bring him down to CM or CDM like last year.

This would mainly be done to play him in that position in-game. Since chemistry does not depend on position links anymore.

Well, this is how you could build a squad with perfect chemistry in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. I know this sounds a bit confusing when you read it but when you would start building the teams you would find it very easy.

I hope the guide was helpful. Please let us know in the comments section down below. Share your thoughts on the new Chemistry System in FIFA 23 and keep following FPS Index for more FIFA 23 related content.

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