FIFA 23- POTM Serge Gnabry SBC Cheapest Solution | Squad

This guide will help you complete the new Serge Gnabry Player of the Month SBC at the cheapest price possible.

FIFA 23- POTM Serge Gnabry SBC Cheapest Solution | Squad

Amidst all the World Cup rush, EA has dropped the Bundesliga and the MLS Player of the Month cards. Serge Gnabry from Bayern Munich wins the Bundesliga player of the month this time.

I have no clue what EA was thinking when they released the Gnabry card. By no means it is even close to his World Cup Path to Glory card in terms of stats. However, both of the cards are 87 rated but the POTM version has significantly lower stats than the other one. However, the POTM is an Explosive accelerate type while the PTG one is Controlled. You can still change the PTG card to Explosive with certain chem styles.

Maybe the only reason people will get this card is the fact that it is an SBC and you could easily get it with the help of cheap untradeable fodder. I do not see a reason why you would even do this SBC when you already have the Path to Glory Gnabry.

Anyways, we are still going to help you out and give you the cheapest method to complete this SBC.

Cheapest Way or Method to complete Bundesliga POTM Serge Gnabry:

You only need to submit one squad for this SBC:

  • At least 1 or more Bundesliga players should be there in the squad.
  • You need to use 1 or more 85 or higher rated players in the squad
  • The overall Squad Rating should be 83.

Here is the cheapest squad you can use for this SBC:

SBC Cost:

Consoles PC
16,750  17,700

This is the cheapest price for this SBC at the time of publishing this guide. The lowest SBC price is calculated by adding up the lowest prices for all the players used in the SBC in the Transfer Market.

The prices keep changing but I can assure you that the changes would not be so drastic.

I would not say that the SBC is expensive by any means. It is even cheaper than the PTG version in terms of overall coins needed. You can use the untradeable cards in your club first. However, if you are completely out of fodder and need the cheapest one for the SBC then feel free to us the one that I have shown.

I hope the guide was helpful. Please let us know in the comments section down below. Also, follow FPS Index for more guides on FIFA 23.

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