FIFA 23 Rashford POTM SBC Cheapest Way / Solution

This guide will help you complete the first Premier League Player of the Month SBC Marcus Rashford at the cheapest price possible.

FIFA 23 Rashford POTM SBC Cheapest Way / Solution

EA has just dropped the first POTM for FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. It will be none other than Marcus Rashford from Manchester United. An award that he received for the second time in his career and an SBC which is not that costly compared to the 1.5m Ronaldo POTM we had last year.

Rashford’s gold card is incredible this year. Even though you would not find anything special about the stats but the guy has really good attacking AI. His body type helps him get a million bounces off defenders when he gets tackled which is why he is so dangerous in the box.

His POTM is a decent improvement over his gold card. He is faster and he shoots better. Even though his balance could be an issue at times but I do not feel he is clunky at all this year.

Rashford POTM SBC Cheapest Method or Squad :

Before we hop into the squad let us discuss the squads and their requirements. We have to submit a total of 3 squads for this SBC and each of them has its own requirements :

Squad 1 – Manchester United :

  • You need to have at least 1 or more players from Manchester United
  • The Total Team Rating should be 84 or more

There is no specific team chemistry required for this squad. This is the cheapest one you could build.

Consoles (PlayStation and Xbox) PC 
19100 20450

Squad 2 – England :

  • You need to have at least 1 player from England in your squad
  • The Team Rating should be 85 or more.

This squad also does not require team chemistry. This is the cheapest one you could submit.

Consoles (PlayStation and Xbox) PC 
40,000 43,400

Squad 3 – Premier League :

  • At least one player or more from the Premier League should be there in your squad.
  • The overall Squad Rating should be 86 or higher.

Yet another squad with no chemistry requirement. This is the cheapest one you can craft.

Consoles (PlayStation and Xbox) PC 
61,500 61,600

It seems like EA is going easy at the beginning. The requirements for the squads are super easy. Maybe they are giving time for the newcomers to adjust to the new chemistry system.

I would suggest you take your time to complete the SBC. You have like 30 days to complete it. Use the players you have in your club first, the untradeable ones since you would not be able to make any coins profit from them.

Or else if you are just looking for the cheapest squad to submit then go ahead and use the ones I have shown in this guide.

I hope the guide was useful. Do let us know in the comment section below. And also follow FPS Index for more guides related to FIFA 23 throughout the year.

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