FIFA 23 Score Every Shot | Best Finishing Trick

Struggling with Finishing in FIFA 23? Cannot win matches in Ultimate Team because you would waste all your chances on goal?

Once you go through this guide, trust me you would not be having this problem anymore. You would be finishing 99% of your chances without even trying. There is a simple trick shot that you need to know. The easiest way to Finish all your chances. Keep reading to find out.

FIFA 23 Score Every Shot | Best Finishing Trick

FIFA 23 Ultimate Team is the most played game mode on every FIFA for years now. It is the most competitive multiplayer mode on FIFA and it certainly does take skill to do well in the game.

However, over the years, users had been abusing gameplay flaws to their full advantage just to get an advantage over their opponent. I would not debate over how fair this is certainly open to all and if you are not doing it you are probably lagging behind.

The better you play the better rewards you get. It is as simple as that. if EA does not rectify the mistakes in the game and users take advantage of it then I cannot really blame the user.

FIFA 23 has it share of gameplay flaws that need to be fixed.  One of them is this Shooting Technique that I am about to discuss. So if you are trying hard to score in Ultimate Team or whichever game mode, let me tell you that I guarantee you would be finishing almost all your chances with this shooting technique.

Best Shooting Technique to Score every time in FUT 23 :

I know a lot of users and streamers are talking about the outside foot shot being a thing. Users scoring literally every time provided, the player you are controlling has good long shots, curve, and better if they have the outside foot shot trait.

It is not consistent for lower overall players. Streamers do not use a 75-rated gold card. They would probably be using Haaland, Neymar, or Mbappe and then showing you how overpowered the outside foot shot is.

Well, we are not going to talk about that one. I am talking about the simple across the goal shot. Or the simple near post shot. One thing we learned from the previous FIFAs is that 95% of the time you would have to use a good amount of power to score your shots.

That is what we are all trying this year and shooting would just feel so random. Now let me tell you this, try shooting the same way but use only 1 bar or less power. Confused? Well, let me explain it to you.

The low-driven shot input from last year is replaced with the power shot which is a very good technique but it is manual and you would miss it most of the time. However, the low-driven finishes are super cracked this year and all you have to do is shoot with a very low amount of power. Maybe around 1 bar or even less.

Check out how I would score with Mbappe from a very acute and difficult angle by just using a low-powered shot across the goal. Just press the shoot button to be more precise about how long you need to press the shot button.  Do not hold it. Just press and let go. The low-powered shot would automatically trigger a low-driven shot which would seem very powerful indeed.

Here is another example where you could score from even further out. Normally the user would just go to two bars near post or far post. But I just used 1 bar towards the far post and scored. The scorer is Vitinha who has low finishing of 66 only.

Trust me when I say this, this works the same way in Ultimate Team as well. I am currently using Werner and he is scoring everything with this shooting technique. Even my players with 60 finishing are scoring every shot when I use this trick.

I do not know if people know about this trick but I am pretty sure if EA comes to know about this, it will surely get nerfed. Go ahead and try this out before it’s no longer there in the game. Absolutely broken shooting technique which would guarantee you a goal 9 out of 10 times.

I hope the guide was helpful. Please, let us know in the comments section down below. Also, follow FPS Index for more FIFA 23 related guides throughout the year.

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