FIFA 23 Slow Online Gameplay and Input Delay FIX

Frustrated with Slow Online Gameplay?

Feel like your players are moving ever so slowly and costing you important matches in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team?

Okay we, will try to get this sorted out in this guide. Yes, there are a few fixes that could help you get better gameplay in FIFA 23.

FIFA 23 Slow Online Gameplay and Input Delay FIX

FIFA 23 will be the last title to have the name FIFA. This is why I can bet EA would have an amazing year stored for us in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team.  It is not that we will not have another football game from EA, only the fact that the next release will be under a different name.

I’ll be honest here. I play FIFA for the Ultimate Team. I love FUT but trust me when I say this I have never hated EA more because of the gameplay we get in Online matches at times. Sometimes, it will be super smooth and fast while sometimes it would be so difficult to even turn players like Messi around. Players would feel like trucks and there is no way anyone in the world would be able to control them at that point in time.

Not only that, they would react late and also make horrible mistakes which would cost me the game. This is when I would generally blame my internet. Believe me when I say this ” It is not always your internet”.

The EA servers are always messed up and people had been complaining about slow gameplay with input delay for a long time now. It seems like the crossplay feature makes it worse.

How to Fix Slow Gameplay and Input Delay in FIFA 23:

Games like FIFA are impossible to play with an input delay. Imagine pressing a pass and the player passes the ball after 2 seconds. Or the same with tackles. It is not possible to play the game this way since gameplay matters a lot in FIFA.

It is obvious my opponent will dominate me when he can move all the way to the other side with a defender and tackle me there before I could turn with Messi.

Anyways, here is how you can go ahead and fix the gameplay to some extent at least. Remember, if you stay too far from the servers, there is very little to almost no chance of you getting smooth and fast gameplay.

  • Switch to a wired connection. Yes, gaming on Wi-Fi is not ideal. Data transferred to a cable is much more stable. Wi-Fi is not as stable as a wired connection and multiple users could be connected to it.
  • Maybe you can try restarting your internet and then the game.
  • Turn Off any browsers or active downloads.
  • Make sure Anti Virus is temporarily off while you are playing the game.
  • Try to use the lowest possible graphics settings for the game. You do not have to lower the resolution though.
  • Make sure you select No Limit to FPS. Locking frames to 30 or 60  will give you an input delay and the game will feel slow. This is because the game would try to sync the frames to give you a stable FPS. Any input during the sync, therefore, gets delayed.
  • Also, try scrolling through the Menu for a while. Move around in the menu. If you can move around with ease it’s fine but if you feel a hint of delay in the menus then you probably shouldn’t start a match.
  • Delete your Personal Settings in-game almost every week. Yes, this actually helps. You can easily create a new personal setting in-game.
  • Your Camera Settings matter a lot. The further away your camera is, the slower the game would feel. The closer your camera is to the pitch, the smoother will be the gameplay. This is because the camera angle further away renders more of the pitch and this leads to input delay or slow gameplay due to more elements being rendered at a given point in time. Use a camera angle that zooms in on the pitch to get smoother gameplay.
  • Lastly, the main reason for the slow gameplay is the servers being super crowded in FIFA. People love football, and they love FIFA. So a lot of people keep playing the game at the same time. Evening time is when the traffic is at its peak. Avoid playing during the evening. Normally at night after 1 am, the servers have lesser people which is why you get good gameplay. Early morning, late at night, and sometimes during the day is the time when you should consider playing the game.

I assure you that if you actually follow these steps you will see the difference in the gameplay. It will feel much faster and smoother and you will be able to actually enjoy the game unless you live too far away from the server.

If the guide was useful do let us know in the comment section below. And also follow FPS Index for more guides related to FIFA 23.

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  1. Very very helpful.. Thanks I thought it was just me. Even though I have a wired connection, I did not consider these other issues.(Except for the time when you play) I have been playing fifa since 1994 I still have that game cartridge on Super Nintendo to this day. I was amazed the first time I saw it. I worked hard to buy it when it back then. Ive been playing Ultimate Team since 2013. I still have most of my cartridges. includeing the special metal Fifa 13 cover and disc. But yes this was good thanks alot. Have a good day!

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