FIFA 23 Unbreakable SBC Cheapest Solution FUT

This guide will help you complete the new Unbreakable SBC at the lowest price possible.

FIFA 23 Unbreakable SBC Cheapest Solution FUT

We are back in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team with another puzzle SBC for the day. This time it is called the Unbreakable and the reward that you get on completing this one is a Mega Pack.

We all know a Mega Pack is actually a good pack to get considering the price of the SBC. This is what I love about the Puzzle SBCs. All you need to do is submit a low-rated squad and get something better in return.

I would recommend that people should go ahead and complete this SBC. Especially the ones who were stacking packs for the Rulebreakers promo.

Most of the users try to open a lot of packs to make sure they at least get a walkout. I got a walkout from my last Mega Pack and who knows you might get lucky and pull out a Ronaldo Rulebreakers.

Unbreakable SBC Cheapest Method or Way to Complete :

Before we hop into the squad let’s take a look at the squad requirements for the SBC :

  • You cannot use players from more than 3 different leagues in the squad.
  • You cannot use players from more than 3 different nations in the squad.
  • At least 3 rare cards or more. Could be gold, silver, or bronze.
  • The squad Rating should be 78 or more
  • Team Chemistry should be 25 or higher.

Here is the cheapest squad that you can use for the Unbreakable SBC.

Check out the SBC price given below :

Consoles ( PS and Xbox) PC
6,800  7.100 

It seems like the PC is just a little bit more expensive than the consoles. This is pretty normal since the player availability on PC is much less compared to the consoles this year since PlayStation and Xbox now have a combined market.

This is the SBC price at the time of publishing this article. Player prices keep changing due to a very unstable market in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. However, changes would not be so drastic. But you can still go ahead and complete the SBC as quickly as possible to get it done at the lowest price.

Go ahead and use the players I have shown if you have less fodder in the club or if you are stuck with the puzzle.

I hope the guide was helpful. Please let us know in the comments section down below. Also, follow our website FPS Index for more guides on FIFA 23 throughout the year.

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