FIFA 23 – Which Edition to Buy? Ultimate, Standard or EA Play Pro?

This article will help you decide which version or edition of FIFA 23 you should pick up and why. We will do a full side-by-side comparison of the Ultimate, Standard, and the EA Play Pro edition which will help you understand which one should be the best edition for you.

FIFA 23 – Which Edition to Buy? Ultimate, Standard, or EA Play Pro?

FIFA 23 release date is announced and we already have an amazing trailer as well. First time ever that EA has dropped a trailer showing so much of in-game footage. Honestly, I know the cinematic trailers look super good but I do not prefer those. It is the gameplay clips that I am always eager to look at.

One of the major changes that EA has brought this year would be Cross Platform play or Cross-Play. They have also introduced the new Hypermotion 2 Technology which brings in tons of new animations which I feel will make gameplay a lot more fun.

Now you must be wondering how are they going to do the crossplay when Hypermotion is a thing for PS5 and Xbox Series X|S. Well, this is where they made all the difference. PC and Stadia too will have Hypermotion 2 Tech and will get the next-gen version of the game while PS4 and Xbox One will stick with the old-gen version.

As long as you have the same version of the game you would be getting crossplay. So PS5, Xbox Series X|S, PC, and Stadia will all be under Cross-Play having the next-gen version of the game. While PS4 and Xbox Series X|S will have the old gen and will be on Cross-Play with each other only.

This is such a bold move by EA since I have personally known people who struggled to find matches on Xbox Series X|S for FIFA 22 FUT Champs. Maybe the location could be a factor but it was not the case for the PS5 owners.

FIFA 23 Edition Comparison :

Let’s talk about the different editions and what you would be getting with them :

Versions FIFA 23 Standard Edition FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition FIFA 23 EA Play Pro Edition
World Cup FUT Hero Item No Yes Yes
FIFA Points No 4600 points 4800 points with 1600 points given per month starting from September 30th
Early Access No 3 Days Early Access 10 Days of Early Access on PlayPro with Unlimited in-game time
Ones to Watch Player Item No Yes Yes
Pre-Order Bonus (Mbappe 5 game loan, FUT Ambassador Loan, 1 FUT TOTW player) Yes Yes Yes
FIFA 23 Base game Yes Yes Yes (as long as you have the subscription)
Price $59.99 / $69.99 $99.99 $14.99 /month or $99.99 /year

Which Edition should you get?

The Standard Edition is basically the best version for casual FIFA gamers. Like if you do not take FIFA Ultimate Team very seriously, this is what you can get and save a lot of money depending on your console. Next-gen consoles will cost $69.99 while old-gen ones would cost $59.99.

However, Remember that you will not get Backward Compatibility with the Standard Edition. This means if you have a PS4 and you wish to switch to a PS5 later in the year and you have the Standard Version of FIFA 23, you will not be able to play the Next Gen Version of it on the PS5. It will remain as the Standard version and you will be cross-playing with PS4 and Xbox One players.

The Ultimate Edition is for people who are very serious about the game. The people who keep trading throughout the year and the ones who take FIFA Ultimate Team very seriously. The 3-days of early access could do wonders for you if you are into trading. I remember building a solid team before the game even started. The player prices are generally low since there are no SBCs that require high-rated players. I invested in buying several 86-rated players and then sold them for profit after the game was released officially.

However, apart from the 3-day early access, nothing else is worth it. Ones to Watch player could be an interesting item but you need to be super lucky to get a good pull. 4800 FIFA points are nice but it gets spent way too soon and you would hardly make something out of it.

Like I said before, the Ultimate Edition is for dedicated Ultimate Team players who keep playing the game very seriously throughout the year.

The EA Play Pro Edition is actually FIFA 23 which you get through a subscription. So we are not just talking about FIFA here. We are talking about major EA games that also come along with the subscription. The point is if you are paying every month you would be spending a lot by the end of the year. So try to take the yearly subscription which saves you a lot of money.

The 10 days early access is the best deal you could get. You could literally build in a super team within 10 days, finish all your hybrid SBCs and have a squad that might help you get higher division placements when the game starts. If you are into trading and you are serious about Ultimate Team then this could be the best buy for you.

The FIFA points deal is okay since you would be getting 4800 points in total instead of 4600. But the sad part is that you need to wait 3 months for that. Maybe you could save the points and then spend them when we have a good promo.

So there you go, I am pretty sure you would be able to decide on which Edition to go for now after reading this article.

I hope the guide was helpful. Please let us know in the comments section down below. Also keep following FPS Index for more information, guides, and content related to FIFA 23.

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