FIFA 23- Winter Wildcards Challenge 4 SBC Cheapest Solution Squad

This guide will help you complete the new Winter Wildcards Challenge 4 SBC at the lowest possible price.

FIFA 23- Winter Wildcards Challenge 4 SBC Cheapest Solution Squad

It is Friday and we have the second Winter Wildcards Team today. The cards look amazing as some of them have different positions compared to what they play in real life.

Talking about position switches, we have Gullit Gang Benzema who is now a CM instead of a striker, and Weghorst who is supposed to be a Striker in real life but a Center Back in this promo. This reminds me of the Out of Position promo we had earlier this year. Also very similar to the Shapeshifter promo we had last year.

It is kind of fun getting cards with their positions getting switched. Who would have thought of playing Benzema as a CM or CDM?

Anyways we also have the 4th Winter Wildcards Challenge SBC and this rewards you with not only a Small Gold Players Pack but also one of the Winter Wildcards Swap Token: Uzodimma.

How to do Winter Wildcards Challenge 4 SBC:

Like every other Winter Wildcards Challenge SBC, this one too is a puzzle that you need to solve. Here are the requirements.

  • You need to have players from at least 5 different clubs or more in the squad.
  • 5 or more Rare cards should be there in the squad.
  • The overall squad rating should be 70 or higher.
  • The overall squad chemistry should be 13 points or more.

Squad Price:

Consoles PC
3,850  7,900 

It seems like the fodder price on PC is really high at the moment since the SBC price is almost more than double the Console price. If you buy the wrong players you would end up completing the SBC with players who are ridiculously overpriced at the moment.

Feel free to use the squad I have shown. It is the cheapest (at the time of publishing this guide) squad that you can build. You can obviously try and complete the SB through club fodder as well.

There you go, that is the cheapest way in which you could complete the new Winter Wildcards Challenge 4 SBC.

I hope the guide was helpful. Please let us know in the comments section down below. Also, keep following FPS Index for more FIFA 23 related content. and guide.

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