FIFA 23- Winter Wildcards Swaps Full Token Tracker Guide

Wondering where to find all the Winter Wildcards Swap Tokens?

Well, we have built a daily tracker where we will be helping you locate these tokens and get the objectives done accordingly.

FIFA 23- Winter Wildcards Swaps Full Token Tracker Guide

It is a Monday and probably a bit too early to get a new promo. Normally we would be getting promos on Fridays but EA tried to change things a bit and gave us a promo right after the world cup final.

I know the month had been amazing with all the world cup matches. Along with that, we had this long World Cup Swaps grind, and now immediately after the world cup, we have another promo the Winter Wildcards.

We had this promo last year and it introduced the concept of a swaps campaign.  We are going to see something very similar again. We are getting another Winter Wildcards Swaps campaign. We can earn up to a total of 25 tokens.

The campaign ends on the 6th of January and you would not be able to earn any more new tokens after that. Tokens could be found in Objectives and SBCs as always.

Winter Wildcards Swap Rewards:

The rewards are not as good as the World Cup Swaps but definitely worth the grind.

Number of Wildcard Tokens Rewards
20 3x 83+ x25 Player Packs
15 85+ Winter Wildcards 1 out of 5 Player Pick
15 85+ x10 Players Pack
10  Winter Wildcards Tonali
10 83+ x25 Players Pack
5 3x 84+ Player 1 out of 4 Pick
3 81+ x11 Players Pack
2  Winter Wildcards Trippier

If you are an old player you would know just how broken the 85+x10 packs were back in the day. I would not be surprised if the majority of the people opted for an 85+ x10 player pack. Even the Winter Wildcards Tonali looks pretty good on paper. Anyone with a Serie A team could easily get that card for 10 tokens.

Where to Find all the Winter Wildcards Swap Tokens? The Token Tracker:

This Tracker will be updated as and when the tokens are released. You can keep following this guide every day to know where the new token could be found.

Token Count—>26

Token Tracker:

  1. 1st Token is free. Just log into FIFA 23 Ultimate Team by January 6th, 2023, and get your free token. Go to the Store option to claim it. 
  2. FIFA World Cup TOTT Challenge 1 SBC—> Cheapest Solution Guide
  3. Milestones> First Owner Fiesta
  4. Objectives> Silver Stars Antonee Robinson
  5. FUT Moments mode> Redeem the pack with 20 stars (Not the Drat Pack. This could be a bug since a lot of users do not seem to have the pack. The token is tradeable which is not possible.) 
  6. FIFA World Cup TOTT Challenge 2 SBC —>Cheapest Solution Guide
  7. SBC > Marquee Matchups >Sweden vs Switzerland 
  8. Winter Wildcards Challenge 1 SBC—> Cheapest Solution Guide
  9. Objectives>Winter Wildcard Treasure Hunt
  10. Store> Winter Cheer Pack (500 points or 75k coins)
  11. Winter Wildcards Challenge 2 SBC—> Cheapest Solution Guide
  12. Winter Winning Objectives> Win 1
  13. Christmas Cheers SBC—> Cheapest Solution Guide
  14. Winter Wildcards Challenge 3 SBC—>Cheapest Solution Guide
  15. Milestones> First Owner Fiesta
  16. Objectives> Silver Stars> Felix Passlack
  17. SBC > Marquee Matchups>Villareal vs Valencia
  18. Winter Wildcards Challenge 4 SBC—> Cheapest Solution Guide
  19. Objectives > Winter Wildcards Cup
  20. Winter Wildcards Challenge 5 SBC
  21. Winter Draft> Play 1 FUT Draft
  22. New Year’s Kick-Off SBC
  23. Winter Wildcards Challenge 6 SBC
  24. Milestones> First Owner Fiesta
  25. Objectives> Silver Stars> Janis Antiste
  26. SBC > Marquee Matchups> Twente vs Emmen

We will be updating the tracker regularly so keep an eye if you are looking forward to a full grind.

There you go, a list of all the Winter Wildcards Swap Tokens in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team.

I hope the guide was helpful. Please let us know in the comments section below. Also, keep following FPS Index for more FIFA 23 related content. and guide.

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