FIFA 23 World Cup Path to Glory Choupo-Moting Objectives Guide

This guide will help you complete the new FIFA World Cup Path to Glory Choupo-Moting Objectives easily in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team.

FIFA 23 World Cup Path to Glory Choupo-Moting Objectives Guide

We finally have the new World cup promos in FUT. Along with that we also have a World Cup Swaps Campaign. It seems like EA is trying to keep us all busy for a couple of months.

The FIFA World Cup Path to Glory promo is based on upgrades depending on real-life performance. Here is how your WC PTG players would get upgraded:

  • Qualify from group stages: +1 overall upgrade
  • Win Round of 16: +1 overall upgrade
  • Win Quarter Finals: 5* weak foot upgrade
  • Win Semi-Finals: 5* skill move upgrade
  • Win the World Cup: +1 overall plus 3 new traits

Not, that every card will get upgraded but you could definitely invest in a few, just to earn a really good profit in the future.

Like every other time, EA has dropped a free objective card. He is not from a team that is likely to win the World Cup but he might get an upgrade or two. However, this is football, we have seen Greece win the Euros. Who knows maybe Cameroon could slay all the giants that come their way and emerge as World Champions.

How to Enter FUT Friendly Mode Glorious Journey:

We certainly do have a dedicated friendly mode for the objectives. It is called the “Glorious Journey” and this is how you get access to it:

  • Your team needs to have players from at least 3 different clubs or more.
  • There should be players from at least 3 different countries or more in the team.
  • You cannot use any loan player in your starting 11 or on your bench.

How to do Choupo Moting FIFA WC PTG Objectives Fast:

Now that we know how to arrange a squad for the friendlies, this is what you need to do when you play them:

Superb Finisher: You need to score a total of 6 goals with a player having at least a 4-star weak foot or higher.

Bundesliga Leader: You need to Assist 6 goals with players from the Bundesliga.

Skilled Forward: You need to Score and Assist in the same match with a forward in 4 separate matches. Win or loss does not count as long as you get a goal plus an assist with a forward. Forwards include, ST, CF, LW, RW, LF, and RF. You could change your formations to have at least 3 forwards. Use a 4-2-4 formation to start the game with 4 forwards.

Lucky Eight: Win 8 matches in total.

There you go, that is all that you need to know about the Choupo-Moting FIFA World Cup Path To Glory objectives.

I hope the guide was helpful. Please let us know in the comments section down below. Also, follow FPS Index for more FIFA 23 guides.

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