FUTTIES Djibril Sow Cheapest Solution in FIFA 22

This guide will help you complete the new FUTTIES Djibril Sow SBC at the lowest price.

FUTTIES Djibril Sow Cheapest Solution in FIFA 22

We are just a day away from the Weekend League and as part of daily content, EA has dropped an incredible SBC. Djibril Sow plays for Frankfurt in Bundesliga and this card looks ridiculously good.

When we talk about the Gullit Gang we mean every stat on the card being above 80. This is what I would say is going even “further beyond’ where every stat is above 90. You can literally play this guy anywhere on the pitch.

Guess what, he has a five-star weak foot as well which makes him ideal as a CAM or a CM. He could even play as a striker but I guess his AI would not be programmed that way because of his High / High work rate.

Overall for the price we are paying for this SBC, I would say he is a win. Hence I would recommend doing this SBC at all costs. If you are looking for the cheapest squad I would help you with that as well.

The Cheapest Squad for Djibril Sow FUTTIES :

Before we check out the squad let us quickly talk about the requirements :

  • You need to put at least one or more Bundesliga players in the squad
  • The squad must have a TOTW or a TOTS card.
  • Overall Team Rating should be 87 or more
  • Team Chemistry should be 55 or higher

This is the cheapest squad you can use for this SBC. Of course, it is the cheapest at the time f publishing this guide. The market had been super unstable and the player prices could change. However, I do not expect any drastic change in prices though.

Check out the cost of this SBC below.

PlayStation Xbox PC
103,400 102,900 116,750

As you can see, the price is fairly balanced on all platforms with PC being just a little bit more expensive at the moment.

I would recommend using up the Untradeable cards in your club first before you copy the squad that I have shown. In that way, you would be able to save a lot of coins. But if in case you are out of fodder and you need the cheapest squad then go ahead and copy this one.

I hope the guide was helpful. Please let us know in the comments section down below. Also, keep following FPS Index for more FIFA 22 related content. and guide.

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