FUTTIES Kevin Prince Boateng SBC Cheapest Solution in FIFA 22

This guide will help you complete the new FUTTIES Kevin-Prince Boateng SBC at the cheapest price possible.

FUTTIES Kevin Prince Boateng SBC Cheapest Solution in FIFA 22

We have today the Premium FUTTIES Kevin Prince Boateng SBC and trust me the card looks incredibly good. He is from the Bundesliga and would give you a green link to anyone in the same league.  So if you are doing the Dynamic Duo 4 you can go ahead and complete this SBC as well and you would have yourself a pretty good Bundesliga squad.

The card is good at everything. He has the shooting and the physicality. When you combine this with his dribbling and defense makes him an amazing box to box midfielder. He has good enough passing too along with the ideal High / High work rate.

I would not say he is expensive, in fact, he is a lot cheaper considering that he is a Premium FUTTIES card. Well, the game is almost about to end so why not get this SBC done for the cheapest price possible? Which is why we are here. I will help you build the cheapest squad for this SBC.

FUTTIES Premium Kevin Prince Boateng SBC Cheapest Squad :

Before we hop into the squad let’s quickly check the requirements :

  • You need to have at least 1 or more Bundesliga players in your starting 11.
  • The team Rating should be 85 or higher.
  • Team Chemistry should be 65 or more.

This is the cheapest squad you could submit for this SBC. Check out the price below.

PlayStation Xbox PC
54,650 55,400 63,500

It seems like the fodder prices have lowered. A few days earlier even 80 rated squad would have cost you over 30k. PC is still on the expensive side though.

This would be the cheapest squad you could use at the time of publishing the guide. Player prices could obviously change over time.

It is recommended that you use the untradeable players in your club first. This way you could easily save coins and get the SBC done. However, if you have run out of fodder and you need the lowest-priced build then feel free to use the squad I have shown above.

I hope the guide was helpful. Please let us know in the comments section down below. Also, keep following FPS Index for more FIFA 22 related guides and content.

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