Gotham Knights Best Character To Start The Game With

Confused about which character to pick in Gotham Knights?

Wondering which character would have the best skill tree and move set for you to enjoy the game more?

Well, we are going have all these questions answered right here in this guide. I will be helping you choose a character according to your play style and will also tell you my personal favorite character to start the game with.

Gotham Knights Best Character To Start The Game With

Gotham Knights is finally out on all platforms. You find yourself in the most dynamic and interactive Gotham City ever created. The downside to it is that you no longer get to explore it as Batman since he is no longer alive.

It is now up to the Batman Family which includes Nightwing, Batgirl, Red Hood, and Robin to protect Gotham City from the notorious villains whom you face in the game.

The game is an open-world RPG and every character has his own strength and weakness.  Some are good at long-range combat while some are more of an “in your face” type of character.

The variation of skills these characters possess is immense which is exactly why most of us are likely to get confused about which one to pick.

This is why we are here. To understand which character should fit more to the play style.

Gotham Knights Which Character to Pick at the Beginning :

Firstly, all the characters are equally strong in their own way. However, some of them start off strong while some of them get stronger at higher levels.  I would not be going to every little detail about every character. But instead, I would be giving you an idea of how each character plays in the game.

Every character has 3 skill trees and super moves which they can perform when they gain momentum in a fight.

Nightwing :

If you are looking for style points, then there is no one better than this dude. He is agile, acrobatic, flashy, and has an extremely good skill tree. The best thing about Nightwing is that he focuses on a lot of Critical Hits.

Nightwing has the Raptor, Acrobat, and  Pack Leader skill trees.  His Raptor skill tree basically focuses on increasing Crit Chance and Crit Damage. This makes him extremely useful for close combat.

The Acrobat tree really works in sync with his supers. This is the only character in-game who can build momentum by just evading. Yes, the Acrobat skill tree lets Nightwing the fastest momentum builder.

Normally you would have to get perfect dodges or evades to build momentum with other characters. However, with Nightwing, you just need to keep evading without worrying about it being perfect. Not only that you get an extra momentum bar as well. So this lets you spam your super moves over and over again.

Pack Leader skill tree will help you increase defense and restore momentum over time.

So if you want to level up fast by finishing off enemies quickly with your supers then this is the character you should go for.

Robin :

Robin is a pretty interesting character in Gotham Knights. He is perhaps the character that could deal the higher amount of elemental damage and on top of that he is the only character in the game which lets you play stealth.

There are 3 skill trees for Robin – Slugger, Shadow, and Tinkering.

Slugger basically focuses on the damage. But the main ability that we should focus on is the Decoy. This not only takes off the enemy’s attention from him but also deals elemental damage to the enemies as they try to hit the decoy.  Applying elemental damage increases Crit Chance which in turn increases damage.

The Shadow skill tree is all about stealth moves and stealth takedowns. You can use the ability to regenerate health after successful takedowns.

The Tinkering tree is all about elemental and critical damage. This skill tree also lets you pick up an ability called Precision Aim where Robin can use a slingshot to hit an enemy directly or use it  as a mine where an enemy stepping on it will take elemental damage.

Other than this, one of Robin’s Knighthood Abilities would is Teleportation which can be used both for traveling, offense, and in defense.

You could easily say Robin is the most balanced character in the game. You could get stealth or elemental damage build on him and he would work brilliantly both ways. He is good at both close and long-range and has good crowd-control abilities.

However, playing Robin is a bit more difficult than the other characters. I would not recommend this for a beginner, but maybe once you get the basics right and you understand how the enemies are and how they react in the game, Robin would be the more obvious pick.

Batgirl :

Batgirl is the closest you can get to Batman based on how the character is designed and the skills she possesses. You could call her a Brawler who can easily deal tons off damage to enemies finishing them off quickly.

If we look at her skill tree we see 3 parts – Justice, Grit, and Oracle.

The Justice Skill Tree focuses more on Brawling. She gets abilities like Beatdown and Heavyweight which lets you easily take down a solo target. Also lets you build on her Crit chance and Crit damage.

The Grit Skill tree lets you regenerate health and strengthen your defense. It also gives you access to Second Wind which lets Batgirl come back to life once. If you keep unlocking further you get Vigilante Resolve which lets you use Second Wind twice. So basically now she has 2 lives.

This makes Batgirl super overpowered and ones who do not have a good grasp on the combat mechanics of the game may find it pretty useful. Now you do not have to worry about dying and you can go all in.

The Oracle skill tree is pretty interesting as it lets you unlock Batgirl’s hacking abilities. There is a lot of cool stuff to do over here. You can get your health back, increase defense, extra damage, and a lot more.

Batgirl’s Knighthood abilities you get more damage and Crit chance. She has one of the best arsenals of Knighthood abilities.

This makes Batgirl a high damage close-range brawler who can easily defeat any enemy type. She is not the best at long range but her grappling hook kind of makes up for it.

Red Hood :

If you are talking about a character that looks the coolest, then this is your pick. He has that intense and mysterious look with a very weird skill tree. I know a lot of people are super hyped about this character but his skill tree completely contradicts one another.

Red Hood’s Skill Tree would have 3 parts as well – Marksman, Brawler, and Vengeance.

Marksman focuses on long-range gunplay which makes Red Hood the best long-range attacker in the game. The Crit Chance increment is not as much but still having guns in this game really helps you at long range.

His best skill tree is the Brawler, which makes him the best close-range fighter. He is basically a tank who is hard to take down. He is the only character in the game who can grab large enemies as well. The fact that his abilities do not let him get interrupted during a grab is super strong. However, the enemy needs to be at least 50% of healthy.

The Vengeance skill tree basically boosts that you get on individual enemy factions.

His Knighthood abilities are pretty good. One of them is called Mystical Rounds which lets him lock onto enemies and shoot them dealing a massive amount of damage.

The problem with this character is that his Marksman skill tree does not get along with Brawler.  You need to focus on only one of them which makes one of his skill trees completely useless. I would not recommend him as a starting character.

Which Character would I choose?

If you ask me, I would go for Nightwing as my starting character. The reason is simple. I need to level up fast and Nightwing is the best for leveling up.

Momentum matters a lot in this game. Nightwing gets an extra momentum bar and along with that, he gains momentum faster than any other character. This allows me to spam his super moves finishing off hordes or enemies in no time.

However, this is my reason to choose Nightwing. I am not saying he is the best character. I love how flashy he is in the game and this gets me really hyped up.

Batgirl could be another beginner-friendly character. I would recommend her if you have no experience with Batman games or Spiderman games. Which means you might die a lot of times. Batgirl gives you those 2 extra lives which can become very useful. But that comes at a later stage in the game so I would still say Nightwing is just a bit more beginner friendly than Batgirl.

Robin is a little difficult to play and Red Hood is very hard to level up with. But he is no doubt a great character when he is maxed out.

Now it all comes down to personal preference. If you like to stay hidden in the shadows and love stealth play, go for Robin.

In case you want to bully your enemies at close range or if you like fighting with handguns then go for Red Hood.

If you love to spam super moves and have an arsenal of extremely acrobatic and flashy moves, then go for Nightwing.

Lastly, if you want a decent overall pick with good health, extra lives, and damage abilities then Batgirl is the one.

I hope the guide was helpful. Please let us know in the comments section down below. Also, follow FPS Index for more guides on Gotham Knights.

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