Gotham Knights Best Guide to Unlock Suits | Crafting Guide

Still confused about how to unlock new suits in Gotham Knights?

Wondering what Transmogs are and how it works in the game?

No worries, you will have all your doubts on Suit Crafting, Unlocking and Transmogs cleared in this guide.

Gotham Knights Best Guide to Unlock Suits | Crafting Guide

Gotham Knight is finally out on all major gaming platforms. The game looks visually stunning and at the same time plays very well on PC.  However, console users can only play the game at a stable 30 fps which is a bit of shocking news.

The game is not just about the story mode. In fact, it is more about grinding than anything else. The fact that the developers claim this to be the most interactive and dynamic Gotham city ever created, makes grinding even better.

One of the highlights of Gotham Knights is the variation of suits that you can grind in this game. There are so many suits under specific styles that you can customize. However, the game does not do a good job of explaining these things to you.

There are so many users who have actually realized about crafting suits 20 hours into the game. Which is why we are here. I will be explaining how you could easily unlock suits and customize them in Gotham Knights.

How to Unlock and Craft Different Suits in Gotham Knights :

There are two ways of unlocking suits in this game.

  • Get suits handed over to you by completing missions and challenges
  • Get Blueprints from missions and then spend crafting materials to craft the suits.
  • You can get suit blueprints from drops when you defeat enemies.
  • Blueprints from Batman’s secret Caches spread throughout Gotham City
  • Complete Story and Case Files to get different styles of suits
  • Complete Crafting Challenges to unlock blueprints and suit styles.

The Suit Blueprints basically tell you what materials you need to craft that suit. Once you grind those items and have the amount required you will be able to craft the suit under Gear and then  Crafting.

Suit Styles and How to Customize the Suit :

Every suit will give you certain boosts like damage, health, etc. So as you progress through the game and keep leveling up, you would be constantly changing your suit.

There are various styles of suits under which you have several other suit designs. For example, you may get a blueprint drop for a Shinobi Style suit that gives you extra health.

Once you craft this suit you will be able to wear it and then customize the suit. Just head over to the Styles option right next to Crafting and Mods. These are the customizable options for the suit :

  • Colorway – Changing Colors for the suit
  • Cowl – Basically the mask
  • Symbol – The Bat symbol that you wear
  • Gloves – Customizable Gloves
  • Boots – Customizable Boots.

Colorways could be grinding by completing challenges, missions, etc, and also by Crafting a suit that has that colorway. Once you craft that suit the colorway would be added permanently.

What is Transmog and how it works :

Well, let’s say that we find a Shinobi Style suit blueprint. We can easily customize this suit according to our wishes after crafting it. Now let’s say that this suit offers some good stat boosts. But sadly it is not a good-looking suit. But, I need to wear it just for the sake of the boosts.

This is kind of an awkward situation where I would rather be forced by the game to use a suit I do not find visually appealing. Hence, Gotham Knights introduced the concept of Tansmogs. These are basically Preset Suits that cannot be customized further.

What we can do is wear or equip the suit that gives us the good boosts and then Transmog them into any of the available Transmog suits in Gotham Knights. Transmog suits are basically a suit from individual styles. In simple words, you are wearing one of the Transmog suits along with the stat benefits of the suit used for Transmogging.

These are the Transmogs available in the game at the moment :

  • New Guard
  • Titan
  • Eternal
  • Year One
  • Neon Noir
  • Demon
  • Privateer
  • Metal
  • Knight Ops
  • Shinobi
  • Talon
  • Knighthood

These are also the different styles of suits available in Gotham Knights.

That is all you need to know about Suit Crafting and Transmogs in Gotham Knights.

I hope the guide was helpful. Please let us know in the comments section down below. Also, follow FPS Index for more guides on Gotham Knights.

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