Gotham Knights FIX Controller Problems | Not Working on PC

Are you having controller issues while playing Gotham Knights?

Is the Controller not detected or not responding at all while you play the game?

No worries, we have just the right guide for you as this would help you fix any controller-related problem with Gotham Knights.

Gotham Knights FIX Controller Problems | Not Working on PC

Gotham Knights is finally out on all platforms. It was much awaited and the game looks and plays fantastic. The combat system is so well-worked that it kind of reminds me of the old Batman games.

It is kind of sad for console users since they get a pretty low 30 fps capping on the game. PC users on the other hand are enjoying the game at its full potential.

Games like Gotham Knights are meant to be played with a controller. PC users would normally play games on their keyboard but trust me when I tell you a controller hits differently with games like this one. Especially if you enable haptic feedback.

However, a lot of users had been complaining about controller issues with this game.  The controller would either not be recognized, it would get disconnected randomly during the game, maybe not detected by the game at all or it might not respond after getting detected.

How to Fix Controller Not Working, Not Detected, or Not Responding while playing Gotham Knights :

Normally users who own PlayStation controllers are the ones facing the problem. Let’s say 98% of the users are PS4 or PS5 controller users on PC. The main problem is that Windows do not sync well with the Sony PlayStation Controller. However, Steam now has updated drivers for PlayStation controllers and you would not be having problems with it.

So firstly you need to make sure that your controller, the USB port, the Bluetooth adapter, and the USB cable are all working fine. You need to make sure the controller is getting recognized by the PC.

  • On the Windows Search Bar type Bluetooth and select Bluetooth and Other Devices Settings.
  • Check over there if the Controller is paired or not. It should say Wireless Controller.
  • You might have to pair it more than one time for it to work properly.
  • If you connect with your USB wire then you can check if the Device is showing under Devices and Printers.

Once these checks are done and it is obvious that the controller is working fine we can now proceed to the main steps.

Fix for Steam Users :

Steam users need to do these steps for their PlayStation, Xbox, and any random Generic controller to work properly with any steam game.

  • You need to head to the Steam option on the top left of the home page.
  • Then go to Settings.
  • Now select Controller and then click on General Controller Settings.
  • Check the option Guide Button Focuses Steam
  • For PlayStation controllers like the PS4 or the PS5 controller check the PlayStation Configuration Support option. Leave the others unchecked.
  • For Xbox controllers like the Xbox One or the Series X|S controllers check the  Xbox Configuration Support option. Leave the others unchecked.
  • For a Generic Controller other than PS or Xbox check the option Generic Gamepad Configuration Support and leave the others untouched.

This will enable Steam to use the drivers for your controller. If it does not work follow these steps :

  • Go to Library and select Gotham Knights
  • Now right-click and select Properties
  • Then go to Controller
  • Under Override for Gotham Knights click on the drop-down arrow and select ” Enable Steam Input

Then launch steam with the Big Picture Mode :

  • Go to Library
  • Then select Gotham Knights
  • Now click on Manage
  • Then select Controller Options
  • Below Steam Input Per Game Setting click on the drop-down and select Forced On.

Restart Steam and launch the game if the controller still does not work then change the Steam Input Per Game Setting to Forced Off.

Also, make sure you are not running applications like DS4 for Windows or DualSense X or DSX. These apps override the Steam driver for controllers.

Fix for Epic Games Users :

Epic Games might not support a PlayStation controller at all.  The best thing you can do is launch the Epic Games app through Steam so that you can use the Steam driver with the app.

  • Go to Steam Library
  • Select Add a Game and then click on Add a Non-Steam Game
  • Now select Epic Games Launcher and click on Add Selected Program.

This should add Epic Games Launcher to Steam Library and your controller would start working after that.

I am pretty sure that any controller problems could be fixed by using the steps I mentioned above.

I hope the guide was helpful. Please let us know in the comments section down below. Also, follow FPS Index for more guides on Gotham Knights.

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