Hitman 3 – Always using Integrated Graphics on Laptop | How to Fix

Hitman 3 published by IO Entertainment is the 3rd installment of the Assassination Trilogy. The game looks visually stunning which amazing graphical details. The reflections could not be more beautiful. As for Agent 47, even though a lot of facial details are missing, he still looks incredible and younger. The lighting in this game looks fine as well.

However, several Laptop users are having a problem with the game using Integrated Graphics instead of Dedicated Graphics which is actually preventing the game from launching since the requirement is too low. Let’s see how we can fix this :

Hitman 3 – Always using Integrated Graphics on Laptop | How to Fix

In order to get this problem fixed we just need to follow a few steps. Basically, we would be Forcing the game to run on the dedicated graphics card that we have :

  • Type “Graphics Settings” on the search bar at the bottom of your screen.
  • Select the Graphics Settings options that you get.
  • You will get a screen that displays the Graphics Performance Preference.
  • We can basically set the graphical preference on specific games over here.
  • Under “Choose an app to set Preference” you would have Classic App as default.
  • Underneath Classic App you would get an option called Browse.
  • Select that option and now you have to select the .exe for the game that you game to add. Over here it would be Hitman3.exe.
  • Just go to the folder where you have installed Hitman 3 and select Hitman3.exe. Select Add.
  • Now once Hitman 3 is added click on Options
  • You should get 3 options to choose from – System Default, Power Saving, and High Performance.
  • System Default would be selected and this is what the problem is. The system’s default setup is forcing the game to run on integrated graphics instead of dedicated graphics.
  • Select High Performance and then click on Save
  • This will change the graphical preference to dedicated graphics.

You can now run the game on your dedicated graphics. Enjoy the game.

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